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    Sail Turkey: 7-Day Sailing Route

    Written by Rachael Perry on Aug 04, 2015

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    Sailing holidays in Turkey are the hottest new summer getaway.


    Cruising the Turquoise Coast on a private yacht is an unforgettable experience. You’ll see stunning hidden coves, explore secluded beaches and discover fascinating historical treasures, both above and under water.

    The Turkish locals are incredible hospitable, welcoming you into their bars, restaurants and cafes in the hopes of sharing their love of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

    Chartering a yacht in Turkey and sailing the Turkish coast is the best way to discover this beautiful country. You’ll be waking to a beautiful sunrise and still, crystal clear waters. The days ahead will be full of freedom to explore the coast and coastal towns, and relax all day on peaceful beaches and calm seas.

    Turkey’s beautiful climate and gorgeous orange sunsets are waiting, and now you’ve got the perfect route to take from the city of Bodrum.

    So, check out this 7-day sailing route and rent a boat in Turkey now!


    sailing holidays in Turkey Zizoo

    Day 1 – Saturday

    Arrival in Bodrum

    Today you’ll arrive in beautiful Bodrum to begin your week sailing the Turkish coast. The city of Bodrum lies on the south-western Turkish peninsula and is easily accessed from Bodrum airport. After spending the morning exploring this gorgeous coastal city and collecting your provisions for the week ahead, you’ll board your boat for check-in.

    Bodrum is known as the home of sailing in Turkey and, with its bustling nightlife and convenient location, it’s the ideal starting point for a sailing holiday along the stunning Aegean Coast.

    Day 2 – Sunday

    From Bodrum to Gumusluk, 15 nautical miles

    Gumusluk is the perfect destination for ultimate relaxation and escape. It’s a small and unique village on the Bodrum Peninsula, about 30 minutes from the city centre. Gumusluk was built on the ruins of the ancient city known as Myndos, so it’s now protected against development. This makes for a relaxing haven away from large tourist crowds – even the restaurants and bars are forbidden to play their music too loud.

    Day 3 – Monday

    From Gumusluk to Asin Liman, 23 nautical miles

    Asin Liman, also known as Iasos, is an ancient harbour famous for its ruins dating back to the Byzantine period. You can easily moor in the town quay, or anchor further off and take a line ashore. Visit the ruins of ancient Iassos; the agora, the temple and the newly restored mausoleum are a must. There are restaurants and stores on shore where provisions may be bought if needed.

    Day 4 – Tuesday

    From Asin Liman to Kazikli, 17 nautical miles

    Today you’ll sail to Kazikli, which is popular for its beautiful sunsets and peaceful atmosphere. The bay itself provides stunning scenery and is surrounded by pine-clad mountains. Here you will find two restaurants and several jetties, where guests can sunbathe and swim in the sparkling blue water. During the summer, one of the floating restaurants is pulled away from shore, allowing you to dine in the bay and have dinner brought to you by rowboat!


    Sailing in Turkey Bodrum Zizoo


    Day 5 – Wednesday

    From Kazikli to Turgutreis, 23 nautical miles

    Kazikli to Turgutreis is your next beautiful sail. Turgutreis is the largest bay on the Bodrum peninsula and has become a recent favourite for vacationers. With endless beaches, its own unique street of bars, a fantastic marina and an enormous open-air market, it’s easy to see why Turgutreis has become such a popular destination with visiting boats.

    Day 6 – Thursday

    From Turgutreis to Aspat, 8 nautical miles

    Aspat cove is sheltered from the northwest winds, making it a protected hideaway and an ideal place to anchor and spend the day. In fact, the cove originally acted as a home to pirates for many years for this exact reason! Take time to wander around the Castle of Aspat (Çifit), which stands in its full grandeur on top of the hill.

    Day 7 – Friday

    From Aspat to Bodrum, 7 nautical miles

    Today you’ll sail from Aspat back to Bodrum for one last night of festivity with your crew. This upbeat, seaside city possesses a mixture of Turkey’s greatest artists, intellectuals and romantics, creating an incomparable atmosphere. The marina, including its excellent facilities for yachts and yachtsmen, is considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. Spend the night celebrating on your boat or head into town to one of the many local restaurants and bars.

    Day 8 – Saturday

    Final day in Bodrum

    The last day of your amazing week sailing around Turkey should be spent discovering the rest of Bodrum’s fascinating history. You’ll check out of your vessel in the morning and head into town. Bodrum is the birthplace of Herodotus and the site of King Mausolus’ Tomb, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and it’s also home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which contains ancient remains and shipwrecks dating back to the Bronze Age. There is a lot to see, so grab a strong Turkish coffee and get exploring!


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