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From one of our favorite sailing writers who has brought you tips on sailing in Greece and introduced you to dining in a Greek taverna, Georgie Moon is back to bring you more tips for your next sailing adventure. This week, Georgie shares some advice about provisioning your boat while in Greece and how to go about nautical cooking. You can learn more about Georgie’s adventures with her husband and Artemis, their boat cat here

nautical cooking

Wherever you are sailing in Greece, it’s definitely worth going ashore to look at the local delicacies on offer. Shopping in Greece is a delight. Even in the smallest village you will find a bakery, with shelves overflowing with freshly cooked rustic loaves. Home-made spinach pies made with filo pastry jostle for space with cheese straws and honey-covered baklava. The mini-market will have an outside display of fresh, local fruit and vegetables of every description, which grow in abundance in Greece.


A huge pyramid of tasty red tomatoes may be stacked next to fresh green zucchini, and boxes of locally grown spinach. Sacks of earthy potatoes stand next to crates of vibrant lemons. Herbs of every description give off their pungent smell. The butcher’s shop may not be what you are used to. They often don’t sell pre-packed, pre-weighed and pre-priced meat. Everything is kept in a closed chiller and they will bring out what you want, and trim and weigh it in front of you.

nautical cooking

If you decide not to go ashore, or if you are anchored in a tiny bay, it is useful to have some provisions on board to enable the crew to have a snack, or even to cook up a proper meal. Although it’s fun to eat in a local taverna when you are sailing in Greece, sometimes it’s nice for the crew to stay aboard and relax on their yacht after an active day’s sailing. You may arrive in a tiny harbour and prefer just to enjoy a drink and a snack onboard in the evening, while watching the world go by. Or you may find a beautiful anchorage for the night, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, and experience a beautiful sunset. However, you don’t want someone to be working too hard in the galley while the rest of the crew are enjoying themselves on deck. You need to be able to prepare some simple, easy to prepare dishes.

nautical cooking

Here are a few store cupboard items which you can find in any Greek mini-market.   If you had these available on board, you could easily produce a number of small snacks which would satisfy the hungriest of crew.

  • Bottle of olive oil
  • Tub of tzatziki (yoghurt and cucumber dip) or taramasalata (fish roe dip)
  • Jars of olives – green or black
  • Jars of mixed bell peppers in oil
  • Jars of olive tapenade (a spread made from green or black olives, delicious on bread).
  • Tins of Greek dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), meatballs in tomato sauce, green beans in sauce, fava (yellow split pea puree). These tins are widely available in all Greek mini-markets, and you can warm them up or eat them cold.
  • Packets of pitta bread or dried bread (melba toast).
  • Tins of anchovies or sardines.

nautical cooking

If you have access to a fruit and vegetable shop and buy some beautiful tomatoes, a red onion and fresh bell peppers, these would compliment any meal, especially if topped with some feta cheese, sprinkled with oregano to make a Greek salad. These will all keep for a few days on board, even if you don’t have a fridge.

nautical cooking

In the fridge cabinet of a food shop, buy packets of feta or halloumi cheese (delicious fried, with salad) and maybe some ham.   Buy some fresh eggs and hard boil them for salads. You can also find packs of Greek country sausages (Loukaniko). These are unlike British sausages, and are best if they are sliced and fried. You can add a sliced onion, a red pepper, a tin of chopped tomatoes to the pan, and some oregano.   Now you have made the traditional Greek dish of Spetzofai!

nautical cooking

It’s s good idea to buy a large bag of ice when you are ashore. Put it in a bucket or fridge basket, and store items like milk and cheese, plus any fruit and veg if you have space, and don’t forget to cool the wine and beer!

What better way to enjoy your morning coffee or a romantic moonlit dinner than on your deck? Whether you desire to be pampered by a private chef aboard your yacht or looking for more humble accommodations, we’ll find the right boat to suit your needs. Contact us to find the best boat for your next sailing holiday. 


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