A sailing route from New York to Canada


Looking to get away this fall or winter? November is the perfect time to plan a romantic cruise along the eastern coast of the US up to the Land of Plenty- Canada. At Zizoo, we are aiming to make boat holidays great again. So gather up some warm clothes and exchange some dollar bills for your sailing journey to Canada.

sailing to canada after elections

Depart from New York

Start your journey in New York’s buzzing harbour. Make sure to get some classic NY style pizza and take in a few sites before embarking on your journey to Canada. Snap some photos of the Liberty Island as you sail past one of America’s most iconic landmarks.

sailing to canada after elections

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Well you may be disappointed to find that the next stop on your journey, Martha’s Vineyard, produces very few wines these days. No need to worry though. Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most happening islands off the eastern coast. You’ll be sure to find excellent wine selections in one of the islands many charming restaurants which serve up classic New England specialties like clam chowder. Alternatively, sail to the nearby island of Nantucket, which is in fact famous for its wine production and festival dedicated to food and wine celebrated in May.

sailing to canada after elections

Boston, Massachusetts

It’s no longer baseball season, but you can still pay homage to one of America’s favourite pastimes in the Sports Museum of Boston. You may also be interested in learning more about some of the US’s first bunch of rebels that took part in the Boston Tea Party. There’s no need to “park the cah” to see this museum. Just a short walk from Boston’s historic harbour you’ll find one of this unique floating museum.

sailing to canada after elections

Portland, Maine

As you continue north, you shouldn’t miss a stop in Portland, Maine. Portland’s historic waterfront is home to a great mix of galleries, restaurants and brew pubs, making it a must see on your sailing route up the coast. Sit down for some fresh blog complimented by local beer as you begin to get closer to the colder temperatures around the Canadian border.

sailing to canada after elections

Lubec, Maine

Ok, you’ve made it to the United States’ most northern city and are just about to enter Canadian territorial waters. The small fishing village of Lubec sits on the most eastern border between the US and Canada. At this point, you should have contacted the immigration authorities to let them know about your arrival in Canada by way of sea. Show them your passport and continue on to discover the natural and cultural wonders of the Land of Plenty.

sailing to canada after elections

Prince Edward Island

Now that you are in Canada, you should take the opportunity to sail to Prince Edward Island. Famed for its fantastic mussels, P.E.I. is ready to welcome you with open arms.

sailing to canada after elections


We hope that you’ve been practicing your French while sailing from New York to your final destination of Quebec. Famed for the delicious dish gravy covered freedom fries, known as poutine, you’ll be sure to find plenty of Canadian dishes that will keep you warm in the cold and snowy winter. Pour on plenty of maple syrup as you enjoy a breakfast of champions aboard your boat in Quebec. The comforting foods and beautiful architectural sites may prompt you to extend your stay in Canada- oh another four years or so?

sailing to canada after elections

*** Zizoo does not recommend sailing from New York to Canada in the winter. If you really want to escape, we suggest sailing somewhere warmer. Check out our post on sailing from Florida to the Bahamas, for instance or find more real sailing routes in our magazine


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