Top 10 Most Romantic Sailing Destinations


Romance and sailing go hand-in-hand: imagine a candlelit dinner on the deck at dusk, surrounded by the sea. The waves splashing against the side of the boat, the starry sky reflecting in the water. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here is our list of the best romantic sailing destinations.

Best romantic destinations in Europe


The Stockholm Archipelago is perhaps one of Europe’s finest gems when it comes to romance. It offers the best of both worlds: beautiful seascapes and the cool cosmopolitan ambience of a Scandinavian capital. Go for fika at Tehuset Kungsträdgården (try the traditional kanelbulle with a cup of coffee, of course) or have smörgåsbord for dinner at one of Stockholm’s world-renowned restaurants, such as The Veranda.

The archipelago itself is made up of more than 24,000 (!) islands and islets reachable only by boat or the local ferries – there is a lot to explore. Sail through the stunning Nordic seascape with its deep blues and greys. Snuggle up with your loved one and watch the sunset while sipping bubbly on the deck or on your own private beach on one of the smaller islands. Dress warm and get cosy- February in Sweden is definitely chilly, with temperatures dropping as low as -5 degrees Celsius. Book your sailing holiday in Sweden here.

Best romantic sailing destinations


The French island of Corsica is located west of the Italian Peninsula, north of Sardinia. With its secluded coves, sleepy villages and unforgettable sunsets, it’s easy to see why Corsica is a favourite among lovebirds from around the world. Despite its popularity, Corsica has preserved its ambiance and remains unspoiled. Family-owned restaurants scattered along the coast offer local wines and delicacies such as Civet de sanglier (Wild boar casserole) and freshly-caught crayfish and sea bream.

Image by Scooter Lowrimore

There are some 200 beaches to choose from in Corsica. Here are some of our favourites from each of the regions:

In the la Balagne region, the most romantic beach is perhaps off-the-beaten-path Ostriconi. Hidden between the mountains and the sea, Ostriconi is wild and secluded – a truly spectacular romantic setting.

Romantic beach in Corsica

In the St Florent & the north east regions, one of the most romantic beaches is Plage de Tamarone, situated north of Macinaggio. The beach boasts deep and pristine waters and is one of the most pristine beaches you’ll ever come across. If you and your significant other are feeling like being active, there’s a coastal walk (sentier des douaniers) you can start from the beach that offers some truly spectacular views (you can choose a circuit – one is 4-5 hours and the other only 1-2 hours).

In the L’Extrême Sud region, a must-visit destination are the little-known Lavezzi Isles. As they are only reachable by boat; the gorgeous beaches on the isles are virtually empty and perfect for a romantic outing. The isles are located within the Strait of Bonifacio that separates Corsica from Sardinia.

Last but not least, when it comes to romantic beaches of the Corsican west coast, Portiglio is one to note down. The long, sandy beach is less crowded than the beaches near it and it’s often visited by locals. It’s ideal for couples looking for an authentic Corsican experience.If you’re planning to go for a dip, take care not to go too deep as there are known undercurrents to watch out for.

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Any list of romantic sailing destinations is not complete without the Caribbean.The group of islands (there are around 700 of them) boasts some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. It may seem overwhelming to start picking from the numerous resorts and smaller locations available across the Caribbean at first. Here are a few of our top Caribbean destination choices when it comes to romance.

Jumby Bay Resort is a private island/paradise only accessible by boat. It’s located just off Antigua. With nine kilometres of pristine shoreline, Jumby Bay presides over some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean.

Most romantic sailing destinations

Peter Island Resort and Spa is hidden away on an 1,800-acre oasis of tranquility. The resort has its own marina, so if you’re island-hopping the Caribbean islands, the resort should definitely find its way on your itinerary. The marina is located in Sprat Bay, across Drake’s Channel from Road Town, Tortola. Here’s some more information on docking at Peter Island Resort and Spa. See more below:

There are five beaches, the most gorgeous one being appropriately named Honeymoon beach – the perfect place to shut out the world and enjoy a romantic afternoon for two.

Most romantic sailing Caribbean

One&Only Ocean Club is located on the tranquil shores of Paradise Island, Bahamas. Inspired by the castle Versailles, the resort’s gardens roll down to the sea where soft trade winds ripple across the balmy azure waters. If you are a beach lover (and who isn’t) you won’t be disappointed: Have a look at their Instagram account for a taste of what the resort has to offer.

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Explore the Caribbean by boat.

Bora Bora

If you’ve ever seen the 2009 rom-com Couples Retreat, starring Vince Vaughn and Dana Cox, you’d know what we’re talking about. Nestled just northwest of Tahiti, less than an hour away by plane from Papeete, Bora Bora is the definition of romance. The Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island is found on a small botanical garden surrounded by the ocean. The inevitable love affair with this island will begin the second you set foot on it.

Best romantic sailing destinations


Phuket has it all: gorgeous landscapes, serene beaches, luxurious resorts right on the beach, stunning places to bring out the adventurer in you, scrumptious food for your taste buds, mind-blowing fun through all night rocking parties. You name it, Phuket has it. Book a boat in Phuket here.

Some of the most romantic activities you can indulge in while in Phuket include going for a walk on Mai Khao Beach, which is a part of Sirinath National Park and stretches with its white sands for 11km.

Image by Jim Byrden
Image by Jim Byrden

Take a trip to the internationally renowned Phi Phi island (or Koh Phi Phi). From nearby Chalong Bay, you can take a local speed boat to the islands, where you can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving.

Sailing is one of the most romantic things you can do – whether you’re experienced or not, whether you’re in Europe or in the rest of the world – love is better on deck.


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