Cult TV shows – we can’t get enough of them. We dedicate a substantial amount of our precious time to these programs, spending hours upon hours becoming emotionally invested in the lives of these characters on TV. We laugh with them, we understand them and we join them on a journey through the ups and downs of life. But then, when they’re over, we’re left feeling empty and sad and hungry for more.

Cult TV show, Friends

When we think of our all-time favourite cult TV shows, they’re usually filmed in either a big city, a high school somewhere, a crime lab or a supernatural world, but what about the sea?

Few of our favourite TV shows are filmed on a yacht, motorboat or catamaran. We’re totally missing out, people! Thus, we’ve decided to take a look at one of our favourite cult TV shows of all time – F.R.I.E.N.D.S – and re-image our favourite group of New York City pals sailing the Mediterranean together. Instead of sitting in Central Perk sipping coffee and discussing the intricacies of life in the Big Apple, they’re relaxing on their private yacht and partying on the world’s most beautiful beaches.

What would have happened to our crew of Friends if this was so? Here’s what we think F.R.I.E.N.D.S would have been like if filmed on a boat…



Let the peaceful waters of the Mediterranean ring with the melody of ‘Smelly Cat’! If Friends was filmed on a boat, Phoebe would be absolutely loving the sea life. She’s a total nomad and free-sprit at heart, so spending her life cruising through crystal clear water from coastal town to town with her best friends would be her dream come true.

One week, Phoebe would be fraternising with the locals in Spain, drinking Sangria and partying on the beaches of Ibiza. The next, she would be cruising down the Krka River on a kayak, playing her guitar and re-connecting with nature. We can totally imagine Phoebe encouraging the crew to get up on deck, hold hands together under a starry night sky and sing ‘Kumbaya’. Phoebe, you are our ocean spirit animal.

Cult TV shows Friends


It’s true that Ross may be one of the least favourite characters on the show; he’s whiney and pompous and sometimes kind of a downer. However, we believe that if this awesome cult TV show were set on a boat, Ross would be in his element. Just imagine watching that dorky face of his light up when sailing along the coast of Turkey, discovering underwater archaeological sites and magical sunken ruins – he would be totally geeking out!

Ross would be sidling up to bikini-clad babes on the most beautiful beaches in Croatia but then blowing his chances with a terrible one-liner. He would be parading around the beach in his new swimsuit only to be shut down by a burly, muscular Bruce Willis/Rachel’s father-type character, and would shyly retreat to build the world’s best sandcastle down-river. Ahh, Ross. You’re our favourite nerdy friend but you need to take a swim and cool it with the educational ‘did-you-knows’… it’s cocktail time on deck.



While Ross is spending his days infatuated with the technicalities of map reading, Monica is flipping out down in the galley. If Friends was set on a boat, miss Monica-control-freak-Geller would be living her worst nightmare on the seas. Her days would consist of scrubbing the deck, scraping barnacles off the hull and obsessing over the silver shine of the topmast.

Bossy Monica would take full control of the route, the itinerary and the destinations, and would always make sure our favourite Friends are covered in sun cream. She would cook delicious meals for the entire crew with fantastic local produce and would surely book her favourite friends in for dorky yet enjoyable water activities, like snorkelling and canoeing. Monica couldn’t help but adopt the role of the boat’s Captain.

Ross and Monica from Friends


We know Rachel has a lot of experience sailing, having been taught by her wealthy, overbearing father from a young age. However, while she certainly has the skills to steer the ship, Rachel would much rather be sunbathing on one of the beautiful beaches of the Greek Islands and drinking cocktails at the hottest beach bars.

Rachel may have been brought up spoilt, but when it comes to taking care of business she’s a strong woman who will hoist the mizzen and furl the jib if it needs to be done. If Friends was set on a boat, Rachel would be the centre of attention, steering the crew towards the hottest beach parties in the Mediterranean and attracting all the gentlemen (much to the distress of poor ‘we-were-on-a-break’ Ross!).



We know Rachel is a pro sailor but we also know that Joey once ended up with a yacht of his own, tried his hand at sailing it and hated the entire experience. This is pretty indicative of Joey’s impulsive and ditzy personality, but that’s what we love about him! If Friends was set on a boat, Joey would kick back his heels, sandwich in hand, and completely let go of all his worries (not that he really had any to start with).

We can totally see Joey partying in the VIP booths of Hvar’s best clubs and asking, “How you doin’?” to all the pretty ladies on the beach. And, just like the episode ‘The One at the Beach’, we imagine Joey to be lounging on the Mediterranean beaches all day long, sleeping off the night before and waking up holding the breasts of a beautiful mermaid body made of sand. Joey is our loveable sailing playboy.



Oh, Chandler. Chandler is known for his wisecracks and his sardonic attitude, but his friendships mean a lot to him – he’ll even pee on Monica’s jellyfish-stung leg at the beach if he has to! We imagine Chandler following his bro-mantic pals, Joey and Ross from island to island and pretending to know how to sail a yacht or motorboat even when he knows very little. But Chandler doesn’t mind making a total fool of himself, so he’s never afraid to put himself out there – both on a boat and in front of the ladies.

If Friends was filmed on a boat, we’ll bet that Chandler will be the one sitting in the galley making witty jokes and cynical comments about how the sun is too hot and the water is too refreshing, but secretly he’s having the time of his life sailing the seas with his best friends.


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