Top Tips: How to Pack for a Summer Holiday

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Are you lost when it comes to packing for your summer holiday? Never fear; we’ve got all the answers.


When it comes to travel, there are two kinds of people in this world:

  1. The type of traveller who throws everything into a suitcase the night before they leave for a holiday
  2. And the type who plans well ahead with packing lists and techniques, yet somehow manages to overpack with none of the items they actually need

Regardless of the category you fall into, we all know that packing can have a huge impact on our holidays.

So, along with our ultimate packing list, we’ve put together some basic tips on how to pack for your summer sailing holiday.

Check them out now!


Choose your luggage wisely

Motor yachts and sailing boats are no place for enormous, hard-shell suitcases. The living quarters on a boat are fairly cosy, so strong duffel bags or backpacks work best. Using packing cubes and hanging toiletries bags can also help to save space and can organise your luggage in a super efficient way.

Dress for your destination

So you’re sailing Croatia in summer? You won’t need much more than a couple of bikinis and some warmer items for the brisk evenings on the water. However, if you’re travelling in the off-season it’s going to be cold on the water, so prepare accordingly. If you plan on doing hiking, bring sneakers. And, if you’re cruising to some glamorous destinations with lavish restaurants on the horizon, don’t forget your evening wear.

Consider what you can purchase

Lugging around huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner is a huge space waster. You’ll most likely be able to purchase items such as these, sunscreen, soap and other items at the local port, so save room in your bag by leaving these at home.

how to pack for a summer holiday

Mix and match

There’s absolutely no need to bring several different outfit choices for each day of your trip. Pack only your favourite items that you know you can match other items to, to save space and limit the amount of clothing you need to bring. Bring shirts that can be dressed up for evenings out, and dressed down during the day.

Save room in your luggage

We all love to pick up those little souvenirs on our travels, so be sure to save space in your luggage for the trinkets and treasure you pick up along the way!

Build around the basics

Start with the basics. We’re talking bikini, t-shirts, shorts and a basic dress. This is all you’ll need for a day on the sea. From here, you can start thinking about a couple of warmer items and clothes appropriate for restaurant dining or nightclubbing (if you so choose). Remember to focus first on the basics, plus a jumper or jacket to cover up during the evenings. Go from there!

Pack your carry-on wisely

The packing of the carry-on bag is crucial. Make sure you keep all important documents with you in your carry on, important toiletries and medication, and a change of clothes in case your checked luggage is delayed or lost.

Don’t forget the little things

After concentrating so hard on your outfit choices, it’s easy to forget the additional items that enhance your holiday experience. Don’t forget things like a camera, a pack of cards, a book for spare time and some awesome music for the boat (check out our ultimate summer playlist).

Think you’re ready for that summer sailing holiday?

We think so too!

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