Zizoo Wins the People’s Choice Award at Phocuswright Europe 2019

Back in 2015, Zizoo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Anna Banicevic, stepped on stage at Phocuswright’s Battleground Competition ready for, well, battle. Zizoo was in its early stages when it “battled” against 40 other startups during the Travel Innovation Summit and ultimately won the Battleground. Zizoo was also the Runner-Up in the Innovative Startup Company category. Since then, Zizoo has been leading the way as one of the travel industry’s most creative and unstoppable companies and we have no intention of slowing down. 

This past Spring, Anna stepped on Phocuswright’s stage, once again, proud to announce our latest feature which is helping us bring boat holidays to the masses. During Phocuswright Europe 2019, Anna talked about the early days of Zizoo and how winning Phocuswright helped propel and drive our business to where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow. While in 2015, we were excited to share information about our boat booking platform, zizoo.com, and our BMT, this year, we were happy to talk about our new global channel which will help us reach an even wider range of clients around the globe. 

Anna Banicevic on stage at Phocuswright Europe 2019.
Anna Banicevic on stage at Phocuswright Europe 2019.

After nearly four years since we won the Battleground at Phocuswright in 2015, Zizoo has come a long way through developing our BMT technologies to help our Partners get more revenue and be more competitive competitive while also improving the boat booking experience on the client side. At present, many of our clients have never booked a boat holiday before, which Anna pointed out on stage. This demonstrates a huge potential in the market. Zizoo has also captured the attention of many millennials who want to go on boat holidays because of the freedom, unique experiences and great photo opportunities that boat trips offer. Furthermore, as Anna noted, Zizoo has also worked to change the notion that boat holidays are for the rich and famous. Many of our clients, including millennials, have benefited from the great deals, which makes sailing an affordable and totally unique way to travel. Thanks to the enormous desire for boat holidays from the client side and an increasing interest from our current and future partners, our new global channel will help us satisfy both the boat rental industry’s demand and supply. 

Ultimately, Zizoo’s passion, drive and our technological innovations made a big impact during the Travel Innovation Summit and we were happy to accept the People’s Choice Award at Phocuswright Europe 2019

People's Choice Award at Phocuswright Europe 2019.
Zizoo won the People’s Choice Award at Phocuswright Europe 2019.

But of course, this victory wouldn’t be possible without the talent, dedication and creative ideas of our team of 70+ crew members. Though Zizoo aims to use technology and innovation to scale our business, we could not have become the leading boat rental platform without our team members who have consistently delivered amazing customer service, internal support and endless drive. So if you are interested in joining our mission to transform the travel industry, we invite you to apply. Check out our latest job openings here

Phocuswright Europe 2019 winners
Our Business Development Manager Fred accepting our award at Phocuswright Europe 2019.


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