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    Privacy Policy

    6. Privacy

    Your privacy is very important for the Service Provider. We request you to read this privacy policy carefully. It comprises important information about how the Service Provider collects personal information and how we will use personal data.

    This policy pertains to information we collect about:

    Guests of our Website;

    Charters of our Website;

    People, who stay in a business connection to us;


    The collected information

    When any of these above mentioned persons inquiries our Services, we glean the following personal information:
    postal address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, account number and expiry date
    Sometimes we may obtain information about you from other sources (such as credit reference agencies). In order to help us to appraise you in a better way, we will enclose this information to the information which we already hold.


    The usage of the information

    We collect the information dealt with clause 6.1. to process your registration as well as to process any orders you may make and to provide the services requested. The relevant information is then used by us, our agents and sub-contractors for the provision of the Services in general.

    To help us developing our Website and our Services, we may also use accumulated information and statistics for the purposes of monitoring Website usage in order. These are not information that may be used to identify you.

    Occasionally we may give your information to our customer service agencies for research and analysis intentions, for monitoring and improving our Services. For your feedback and comments on our services, we or our agents and sub-contractors may contact you by post, email or telephone.

    We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure your personal information. The use of the internet is not completely secure and because of that we cannot warrant the security or integrity of any personal information which is transferred from you via the internet.


    Use of cookies

    By using this Website, we may gather information from your computer, like your IP address and/or browser, which will be used for administration purposes and statistical analysis. This information will not normally identify you personally.

    By placing a “cookieˮ, which is a small file on the hard disk of your computer, we may also receive information about your online activities and your use of the internet. Cookies are used for several reasons:

    to recognise you whenever you visit this Website

    to expedite your access to this Website (so you do not have to logon each time)

    to save your personal partialities

    to construct a profile about you

    to better aspire our advertising and marketing campaigns

    The huge majority of web browsers accept cookies. Certainly you can always change your browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. This may lead to the result, that you perhaps cannot use some of the functions of this Website.

    General Terms of Use


    1. Definitions

    In this Terms and Conditions, the subsequent words and verbalisms shall have the following meanings:


    Each discrete Booking of a Listing that is made or requested by the guest in written confirmation offered by a particular Charter and posted on the Website.

    Business Days:

    Business Days are days when banks are open in Austria.

    Full Booking Fee:

    For the Booking of each specific Listing the total fee is provided by each of our Charters based on the specific request.


    The Charter is an individual of lawful age and of full capacity to contract or a properly represented lawful entity which is the lawful and beneficial owner of the vessels, or duly authorized by the lawful and beneficial owner of these, or a person who has obtained an exclusive unconditional right for the using and posting the Listings on the Website for Booking by a Guest. Each Charter is a partner of Zizoo.


    Listings are boats, sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, yachts, jet skis and any other kind of sea or lake or river vessels of a particular Charter which is being posted on the Website for reservation by Guests. Additional services which are linked to (i.e. cleaning, skipper etc.) the Listings may also be included and are specified in each of the Listings by the Charter.

    Payment Provider:

    The Payment Provider, being the payment system provider that processes the payments on the Website, is: (

    Service Provider:

    The Service Provider is Zizooboats GmbH, an enterprise organised and existing under the laws of the Republic of Austria with registered address at Schoenlaterngasse 11, 1010 Vienna, Austria.


    The Service is a Website to which Charters can post, offer and market their Listings for Booking and reservation from the Guests and the Service Provider can provide their expertise and assistance for such posts or uploads if requested. The Service is provided by Zizoo

    Service Fee

    The Service Fee is the amount payable by the Charter to the Service Provider as a consideration for the provision of the Service. Upon the conclusion of a Booking through the Website a commission to the agreements between Zizoo and the Charter of the Full Booking Fee has to be paid. The Service Provider can lower the agreed percentage for promotional or any other aim. The Service Fee is invoiced to the Charters for each booking.

    Terms & Conditions:

    These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) set forth the general terms and conditions of the guest’s use of the website (“Website” or “Service”) and any of its related products and services (collectively, “Services”). This Agreement is legally binding between the guest (“Guest”, “you” or “your”) and this Website (“Service Provider”, “we”, “us” or “our”). If the guest is entering into this agreement on behalf of a business or other legal entity, he/she represents that he/she has the authority to bind such an entity to this agreement, in which case the terms “Guest”, “you” or “your” shall refer to such entity. These terms and conditions supersede any other contracts submitted by the charterer or otherwise (with the exception of Myba contracts).


    The Guest is an individual of lawful age and of full capacity to contract, or a properly represented lawful entity who enters into an agreement with a particular Charter for the reservation of a respective Listing and who has approved to pay the Full Booking Fee.


    We” stands for the Service Provider.

    Website or Site:

    The Website or Site is an online platform with domain name , owned, managed and administered by the Service Provider.


    You/you” termed the Charters and Guests as correspondent.


    Us” stands for the Zizoo.


    As a Guest or as a Charter you approve, by registering, accessing and/or using the Website and Services, to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and any other Terms & Conditions as they may be modified from time to time and included in these Terms & Conditions and which will apply between you and the Service Provider and which you approve that you have read and understood.

    As a Guest - if you make a Booking with Zizoo - you acknowledge and understand that the legal contract regulating each specific Booking is between Zizoo, each individual Charter and each particular Guest and that you will need to refer to and shall be bound by the booking confirmation, and the booking terms and conditions that will apply to that Booking with the particular Charter in relation to payment, cancellation and other related matters.

    The Service Provider task is to simplify the availability of this Website for the Charters and to provide the Services related to this, and any agreement for Booking or Listing is solely between the Charter and the Guest. It is perceived that the Service Provider will not be a party to such an agreement and will not be bound by these Terms & ConditionsCharters and Guests perceive that the Service Provider is merely simplifying the availability of this Website for the Charters and provide the Services related to this. Charters and Guests perceive and agree that they are merely responsible for determining their own tax reporting requirements in consultation with tax advisors. The Service Provider cannot and does not offer any fiscal advice.

    Persons under the age of eighteen will not be accepted as Guests. The Guest admit and warrants that he/she is older than the age of eighteen years and that all the personal information provided are true to his knowledge. The Guest declares and warrants that he/she is legally empowered to enter into the agreement with Us a particular Charter on his/her own behalf or for any agents or representatives acting in his/her name. The Guest and Charter are fully responsible and liable in person for any claims resulting of the usage of the Website or any Service.