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    About Athens

    Athens has always been a favourite among sailing enthusiasts and travellers from all over the globe. For those who want to explore its beautiful waters and the many timeless ancient archaeological sites this thriving city has to offer, Athens is an excellent destination to rent a boat and visit on your sailing holiday in Greece. Let our Athens travel guide bring you one step closer to your dream sailing holiday in Greece.



    Athens sits on the shores of southern Attika, and modern restaurants, trendy boutiques and a bumping nightlife scene are scattered all throughout the streets of the Hellenic capital. Today, Athens is a sophisticated and wealthy metropolis that attracts tourists year round. And as anyone who has done it will tell you, the best way to see the Greek islands and the city of Athens is by renting a boat and sailing there.

    The sun shines over Athens all year long and the climate is one of the best in Europe, with mild winters and hot summers. The world-renowned Acropolis rises above the entire city and gazes down upon endless views of historical and natural beauty. The iconic Parthenon, with its honey-coloured marble columns rising from a massive limestone base below, is known as one of the most magnificent and famous ancient monuments of the world.

    The sprawling city of Athens is bound on three sides by Mt Ymettos, Mt Parnitha and Mt Pendeli, and most of the top places to visit while you’re there can be found within a relatively small area surrounding the city centre at Syntagma Square. This vibrant epicentre is surrounded by the intriguing districts of Plaka to the south, Monastiraki and Thissio to the west, Kolonaki to the northeast and Omonia to the northwest.

    The progression of this sprawling metropolis is evident in the continuous gentrification, new art and leisure districts and the stylish new restaurants and hotels that continue to elevate the city. But to experience Athens properly is to understand the true essence of Greece: ancient monuments residing in a sea of cement, astonishing beauty amid the smog and tradition mixing with modernity.

    Athens is surrounded by beautiful island alternatives, so escaping the city life and sailing to exquisite hidden coves and beaches is easy. The island of Poros, in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, is rich with hilly pine forests and just a three-minute sail from the Peloponnese peninsula. The beach town of Agia Marina on the island of Aegina is about 45 minutes by boat, and beautiful Agkistri is another island close enough to Athens to visit by day. The pristine and peaceful island of Kea is the closest of the Cyclades Islands and, although it is less than an hour sail from the mainland, Kea has the feeling of a remote, traditionally Greek island.

    Athens’ bustling street life and relaxed lifestyle, where locals enjoy long coffee breaks and evening strolls, dine out until late and party long into the night, makes this city an excellent destination to start from on your sailing holiday around Greece. Mainland Greece has an enormous 14,000km of coastline to explore – not including the thousands of stunning islands sitting off the coast – and the best way to see it all is to rent your own boat and plan your own journey.


    How to get there

    Athens is easily accessed by its own airport, to which most European and International carriers fly. From there, the airport bus transfers operate on a regular basis and taxis are also readily available.


    Defined by many as the cradle of our entire civilisation, Athens will welcome you and your sailing comrades to a world of art, history and great culinary tradition. With a multitude of excellent boating options just waiting for you in its ports, let the waves pull you into the Athenian harbour and experience life as the Greek Gods once did! Click through now to start planning your next sailing holiday in Greece.

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