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    About Biograd na Moru

    Biograd na Moru has a long tradition as a popular tourist destination, entertaining guests from all over the world as far back as the early 20th century. With a picturesque marina, Biograd na Moru is perfect for those looking for a quieter destination with stunning offshore islands, bays, coves and beaches to explore. Biograd, as the locals call it, was once home to many well-known Croatian Kings, and was, at one point, the capital city of the medieval Kingdom of Croatia.

    With wonderful beaches, modest local restaurants, glamorous yacht clubs, world class marinas and friendly local residents, Biograd na Moru is an excellent stopping point on your sailing trip along the Croatian coastline. This small town is not only known for its beaches, but also for its fascinating history and modern harbour, and sailors of the Croatian coast love to stop in its ports.



    Biograd’s fantastic harbour, called Marina Kornati, is one of the best starting points in the region for this part of the Adriatic Sea. It’s also the best starting point for sailing to the stunning Kornati Islands National Park, Dugi Otok, Krka National Park, Zut Island, Pasman Island, Vrgada Island, Zirje Island, Murter Island and many other offshore island heavens.

    Marina Kornati is also one of the largest and best managed marinas in the area (beside marina Dalmacija Sukosan and Hramina Murter), and acts as the sailing and boat charter centre, with 800 berths, 70 dry berths, complete technical service and a crane. The Biograd Marina also has maritime shops, excellent clean facilities and lively bars, cafes and restaurants. The Marina Kornati is divided into two sections - the old harbour and the new harbour - and is also host to the annual Biograd boat show and over 50 regattas each year. Local fishermen bring to the marina their fresh catches of the day and the local bars and restaurants scattered around the harbour serve them to visitors in the evening.

    Biograd is a popular tourist destination and also home to Drazica Beach, one of Croatia’s best beaches and a favourite hot spot for many Europeans. Drazica is a family-friendly beach, with many facilities, cabins, showers, water activities and even a giant slide. This charming little town on the Adriatic Sea also has a wonderful promenade that leads all the way down to the beautiful and protected Pasman Channel. Also, don’t miss out on a visit to the incredible Lake Vrana, Croatia’s largest lake.

    Along with great local Mediterranean cuisine, Biograd is also known for having some of the best pizza in Croatia. Pizzeria Casa Vecchia is one of the most popular local haunts, so be sure to check it out while you’re there.

    Biograd also has a charming museum, the Zavicajni Muzej, which has a brief description of the town’s modern history, some medieval pieces and some interesting antiquity pieces.


    How to get there

    Biograd na Moru is easily accessed from Zadar airport, which is located only 25km away, or Split airport, which is about 120km south. Airport buses run from Zadar airport to the Zadar central bus station, train station and the Old Town, where you can continue on to Biograd from there, or you can just jump in a taxi from Zadar airport.

    Biograd is a beautiful destination to sail to, so charter a boat now and be on your way to your dream sailing week in Croatia!

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