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    About Bodrum

    The sun never sets on Bodrum. Known as the home of sailing in Turkey, with its bustling nightlife, beautiful beaches and convenient location, Bodrum is the ideal starting point for a sailing holiday along the stunning Aegean Coast. This lovely coastal town lies on the Bodrum Peninsula near the northwest entrance to the Gulf of Gökova, and faces the Greek island of Kos. It is easily accessed from Bodrum airport and is a glorious combination of sun, sea and history. Our Bodrum travel guide will bring you one step closer to your dream sailing holiday in Turkey.

    It is today, as it was in the past, one of the major centres for trade, entertainment and of the arts. Presently, it welcomes over a million tourists each year, flooding in from every corner of the globe to visit this quaint city tucked into the Turkish coast, with its white-rooftop architecture, lively night crowds and glimmering, white-sand beaches.

    Picture beautiful seaside resorts with wooden jetties, covered by white umbrellas and sun lounges, with ladders leading into the glorious blue water. Some say the ancient gods cast a spell on the waters here, to captivate all those who travelled by sea. Well, this may be true, because visitors can’t seem to stop coming back!

    From European backpackers to Turkey’s elite crowd, travellers from near and far arrive to see everything Bodrum’s got to offer, from it’s grand crowning castles and excellent marinas to its flower filled cafes, bustling nightlife and unspoilt natural beauty. But even in the most people-packed days of summer, you can still find a little corner of serenity in Bodrum. Bodrum is also perfect for couples and families wanting to escape the crowds to quiet, unspoilt coves and bays, either as lunchtime stops or overnight anchorages.

    Bodrum’s cuisine, local bazaars and hamams (Turkish baths) are inherently oriental, but the culture in Bodrum is an exciting mix of east and west, traditional and modern. Bodrum also has a fascinating history and, in between dining at fantastic local restaurants and bathing in clear turquoise waters, its history should not be neglected. Bodrum is the birthplace of Herodotus and the site of King Mausolus’ Tomb, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and it’s also home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which contains remains and shipwrecks dating back to the Bronze Age.

    Bodrum sits in the perfect location to act as the base for your sailing holiday around the Turkish coastline. We have a variety of excellent charter boats in Bodrum just waiting to be taken out on its crystal clear sea. It truly is a dream destination for your next sailing vacation in Turkey and, with just the click of a mouse, you could be on your way to this spectacular seaside paradise.

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