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    About Ciudadela

    After sailing the busy, bustling, party-centric coasts of Ibiza and Mallorca, a sailing holiday in Menorca will feel like a whole different world. Ciudadela is situated on the western coast of the island of Menorca, the easternmost Balearic Island. Originally a commercial and cultural capital, Ciudadela is now the most tranquil of the Balearic cities; with unspoilt natural beauty and an abundance of stunning beaches and coves to explore (Menorca has more beaches than Ibiza and Mallorca combined), it provides the perfect island escape for those looking for a peaceful sailing holiday off the coast of Spain.



    The city of Ciudadela sits at the end of a very narrow natural harbour. It presents traditional Spanish charm among cobblestone streets, Baroque and Gothic churches and ancient palaces hiding behind high city walls. The main square, Placa des Born, sits at the heart of Ciudadela’s old quarter, which is thick with architectural, historical and cultural appeal. The Ciudadela Cathedral is a must-see.

    Ciudadela’s climate is ideal for a summer sailing holiday: warm to hot summers and mild winters. This lovely climate creates the perfect setting for visitors to partake in the plethora of outdoor activities on offer, which are always popular in Ciudadela, with plenty of windsurfing, scuba diving, kayaking and horse riding available. Cami de Cavalls, an ancient path that circles the entire island, is popular with cyclists from all over the world.

    The Ciudadela coastal region is scattered with incredibly stunning beaches. The Macarella and Macarelleta beaches are some of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Menorca, with their crystal clear water and looming, pine-clad cliffs. Other popular beaches are just a short sail away, and include Cala en Bosch, Cala en Brut, Cala Algaiarens beach and Cala Blanca beach.

    Not only do visitors flock to Ciudadela for the beaches, but also to marvel at an array of cultural attractions, including the impressive lighthouses of Cap d’Artrutx and Punta de sa Farola, and the Municipal Museum of Ciudadela des Bastio de sa Font, with its permanent archaeology exhibit.

    Ciudadela also holds a number of fiestas, various concerts and beach parties throughout the year. The most popular event is the Sant Joan Festival, a unique summer solstice event held on the 23rd and 24th of June each year.


    How to get there

    Regular flights are available from mainland Spain, Ibiza and Mallorca to the Menorca airport on the southeast side of the island, near the capital of Mahon. Some select European carriers also fly directly to Menorca. The airport is serviced by regular hourly bus services, which are inexpensive and run directly through the middle of Menorca to arrive in Ciudadela.


    Imagine sailing up to a beautiful secluded cove on the rocky coast of Ciudadela, where a totally empty, white sandy beach awaits. Sailing along the coast and into the port of Ciudadela will immediately relax you; its laid-back Spanish atmosphere sets the perfect scene for a relaxing sailing holiday on a gorgeous Spanish island. Sounds perfect, right? Well, start searching now to become one step closer to booking your dream sailing holiday!

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