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    About Croatia

    Think blissfully blue skies, serene crystal water and glorious beaches. Think hidden island coves full of euphoric party people, sipping cocktails and welcoming you into their fleet. Your skipper calls you up on deck as the boat – your own private sailing boat – pulls into its island cove home for the evening. You lay back in your deck chair as the warm sun sets over the sea and the glowing beach below presents the backdrop for the night ahead. It’s the perfect moment, and your week sailing Croatia will be full of these. Our Croatia travel guide will bring you one step closer to your dream sailing holiday in Croatia.

    Sailing a yacht along the Croatian coast is truly a unique experience. However, enjoying the freedom and luxury that comes when you charter a boat takes this holiday one step further. Sitting on the Adriatic Sea, made up of over a thousand islands, of which 66 are inhabited, the coast of Croatia is one of the top sailing destinations. Although the islands stretch from Istria to Dubrovnik, most are clustered in central and southern Dalmatia.

    The Croatian coast is all about discovery. You’ll be exploring tiny walled cities and ageing hilltop towns, running through bell towers, vineyards and forests. The pastel coloured terrace houses make an impressive contrast to the glorious Venetian mansions, which hug the harbour of Cres Town. From Croatian nudist beaches to bathing at sunset in spectacular waterfalls, there’s certainly plenty to do between spending your nights sampling delicious local food and wine in the taverns of some of the most beautiful coastal towns like Dubrovnik, Zadar, Vis or Pula. Croatia has it all.

    Adding to these naturally gorgeous assets of the Croatian coastline is, of course, the party scene. The best Croatian festivals and bars attract gorgeous guests from all over Europe. You’ll meet wonderful people, party under a starry night sky and maybe even experience a summer fling! And the best part of this social scene is the one element that ties it all together – the yachts. The sail Croatia experience is what people wait for all year. From Split to Hvar, Korčula to Dubrovnik, and Trstenik to Makarska, you’ll see thousands of bikini-clad people on rows of yachts all anchored up and enjoying one of the world's best island paridises. They sail from town to town, island to island, meeting up and living it up. The salty summer breeze and echoing festive music entwine to create an atmosphere unlike no other.

    The decisions to charter a yacht will provide you with an abundance of options and the ability to create your perfect sailing vacation. If you like, you and your new neighbours can moor side by side and spend the whole evening dancing on the beach and drinking mojitos. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful anchorage away from all the fuss, you’ll have hundreds at your fingertips.

    It sounds perfect, right? Well, it will be, but when turning this dream sailing holiday into a reality, there are a few things you need to consider. Don’t know how to sail a yacht? No problem! We’ve got the people who do. Our community of fine skippers will hoist the mizzen and furl the jib while you kick back and take in that glorious sunshine. However, there are still some questions you’ll need to ask yourself:

    • How do I plan a sailing vacation in Croatia?
    • How do I know which boat is right for me?
    • What kind of boat rental options do I have?
    • What is my price range?
    • How do I pay for it?

    Well, that’s what we’re here for.

    All these answers – and your sail Croatia yacht holiday – are just a click away.

    Sailing is undeniably the best way to visit the many stunning islands of this cultural and natural island heaven, so pack your gear and get ready for an unforgettable sailing holiday in Croatia.

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