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    About Dalaman

    The district of Dalaman is situated slightly inland from the stunning south-western coast of Turkey, and is in a great location to set sail from on your next Turkish sailing adventure. Dalaman sits comfortably between the mountains and the sea, and is home to some of the world’s most beautiful untouched scenery. With the famous Sarigerme beach nearby and the world-renowned protected home of the magnificent Loggerhead sea turtles, Dalaman is earning its increasing reputation as a Turkish sailing hot-spot. Our Dalaman travel guide will bring you one step closer to your dream sailing holiday in Turkey.



    The Dalaman centre has many excellent shops, restaurants, bars and tea gardens, and is growing quickly due to investment in the area. It has, in recent years, and with the addition of the airport, become an increasingly popular destination for sailing adventurists along the Turkish coastline. There are plans to implement a new marina and develop local infrastructure, but luckily, over-development and exploitation of the area is blocked by the protection of the rare loggerhead turtles that often swim through the nearby rivers and beaches. This ensures that Dalaman can progress and develop in harmony with its surrounding environment and preserve its natural beauty.

    From the Dalaman centre, it’s only a short trip to Dalyan, where the magical mud baths lie – sulphur-rich, natural baths, where one can dive head-first into their mystical muddy waters. These baths are situated on the Lake Koycegiz side of Dalyan and, not only do they claim to have therapeutic properties, they’re a huge magnet for visitors of all kinds, including the rich and famous. Some even say Cleopatra herself would make the occasional trip to the region just to visit these baths!

    The Dalaman area is also home to ancient ruins, where great bustling harbours and trading ports once lay. The Kaunos archaeological site, on the Dalyan River, holds the incredible ancient ruins of the city of Kaunos, an important seaport that supposedly dates back to the 10th century BC.

    In the surrounding areas of Dalaman, enchanting coves are scattered all throughout the region. While cruising along the Dalyan river, you’ll reach the shore and walk along the 6km-long Iztuzu beach. This beach is extraordinarily beautiful and is famous for being the protected sanctuary home of the amazing Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta-carretta).

    One of the most peculiar, yet beautiful, attractions of Dalaman is the 110-year-old train station, which, to this day, has yet to welcome a train. This building dates back to 1905 and its current existence is based only on pure accident. Originally, the train station was supposed to be constructed in Egypt, but the plans and materials were mistakenly sent to Dalaman and construction failed to continue. Today, the elegant building, covered with overgrown ivies, serves as the headquarters for a surrounding large state farm. It has a lovely large landscaped yard with huge lawns and beautiful, grand palm trees.


    How to get there

    The somewhat new international Dalaman Airport, one of the biggest in this area of Turkey, lies about 6 km south from the Dalaman town centre, and is the nearest airport for popular destinations such as Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye and Kas. From the airport, regular bus transfers head into Dalaman centre, and Dalaman is also well connected by bus to other Turkish towns and cities. Dalaman is easily accessed by car on the D350 and D400 highways.

    So, take in the fresh sea breeze and savoury scents of freshly caught, grilled seafood while exploring lovely Dalaman and Turkey’s mainland. This small coastal region is full of history and fascinating natural attractions, and is definitely worth a visit. Start exploring your options now!

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