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    About Kastela

    Located between Split and Trogir on the central Dalmatian coast, Kastela sits in a beautiful protected bay full of narrow stretches of sandy beach, local taverns, lush parks and charming coastal towns. Sailing the area of Kastela will involve cruising seven small coastal villages and ports built in the 15th and 16th centuries. During this time, the upper-class families of Split felt threatened by the invading Ottoman Empire and retreated into Kastela Bay where, settled at the foot of Kozjak Hill, they built beautiful mansions, castles and churches. Most have been well preserved, which is how Kastela’s authentic Croatian atmosphere - which is still prevalent today - was first created.



    Kastela is an excellent stopping point to relax in as you sail from Spilt to Trogir. With its rich historical, cultural and natural environment, there are an abundance of natural wonders to see and fantastic day trips to take, like the old olive orchard of Stafilic Castle, the Vranjaca Cave, the Jadro River and the Fortress at Klis. Awash with Mediterranean plant life, the nearby Mount Kozjak is highlighted by its exquisite Biblical garden. In the summer nights, the town stages of Kastela host traditional Dalmatian music, exhibitions, plays, concerts, folklore performances, sports competitions and, of course, assorted Croatian feasts.

    Starting on the most western point of Kastela, you’ll first come to Kastel Stafilica 16th century castle – and now a private residence – on a small island that’s connected to the mainland by a drawbridge. Next, you’ll arrive at Kastel Novi, where a cluster of 16th century dwellings and a parish church rest inside an ancient stonewall. Next up is Kastel Stari. Built in 1476 and the oldest in the bay, Kastel Stari’s long pebble beach, seaside promenade and the nearby Malacka Hill make it a popular tourist destination. Further along we come to Kastel Luksic, the most architecturally impressive castle and the only one you can actually enter. This Renaissance-baroque style castle is now home to a small museum, a tourist information office, small beaches and a leafy seaside park. Continuing on, you’ll come to Kastel Kambelovac, a unique cylindrically shaped defensive castle built in 1517, and then Kastel Gomilica, built in 1529 by Benedictine Nuns and surrounded by shallow beaches and a sea reef. Lastly, you’ll arrive at Kastel Sucurac, the oldest Kastela village dating back to the 10th century, where you can take the marked mountain trail that leads to the mountain house of Putalj (480m), and continues to the church of St. Luka (690 m) and the ridge of Kozjak Hill.


    How to get there

    Kastela is easily accessed from Split airport, which is actually closer to Kastela than it is to Split. To get to Kastela from the airport, take bus 37 from Split to Trogir (21KN, every 20 minutes) – this bus stops in all the towns along the bay. We recommend hopping off at Kastel Stafilic and walking eastward along the coastal promenade through the towns.

    Kastela is a truly unique sailing destination, and mooring in its beautiful marina is a fantastic destination as you sail Croatia, so rent a boat now and be on your way to sailing Kastela!

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