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    About Marbella

    Marbella has long been one of Spain’s hottest sailing destinations, popular with the rich and famous from all over the world. Sitting on the popular Costa del Sol on the southern coast of Spain, Marbella is surrounded by a fantastic natural backdrop.

    Marbella first gained traction as a sailing destination in the 1950’s, when wealthy Europeans flocked to this picturesque Spanish city. Its popularity grew, with extravagant hotels and resorts, high-quality restaurants and luxurious mansions popping up all over its coast. As you stroll through the Old Town, with its narrow cobblestone streets and flower-filled plazas, you’ll realise why it’s not only the sun, sea and sand that attract millions of visitors each year.


    Although Marbella is a modern city, it’s full of historical and architectural beauty. It’s ancient Old Town, white-washed houses and famous Plaza de los Naranjos (‘Orange Square’) show Marbella’s visitors a taste of classic Spanish charm, while its swanky high rises, the ‘Golden Mile’ and a buzzing seafront promenade keep the atmosphere of opulence at a high.

    Among the traditional outdoor tapas restaurants and cafes lies a dining scene that’s just as glamorous as the city itself; Michelin-starred restaurants line the coast, including such lavish establishments as Dani Garcia, El Lago, Restaurante Calima and Skina. In between wining and dining and indulging in Marbella’s local cuisine, you can stroll the beautiful streets and enjoy the fantastic array of stores and boutiques on offer. From the high-class shops of Puerto Banus to the enormous La Canada shopping centre, there’s something here for all tastes and budgets.

    The best beaches in Marbella are situated to the east of the centre, between the famous Nikki Beach beach bar, which is known as a hot-spot of the stars, and El Rosario. Some of the most popular beaches are El Fuerte and La Fontanilla.

    However, it’s not only the stunning beaches that attract visitors globally. The cultural scene in Marbella is just as fantastic, with Museo Ralli and Museo del Grabado Espanol, and the stunning 15th century castles and churches.

    Marbella’s nearby marina, Puerto Banus, is Spain’s most extravagant marina, and is lined with megayachts and celebrities year round.

    Marbella is also a paradise for active travellers, with a wide variety of ocean and land sports, such as tennis, golf, horse riding, hiking, biking, scuba diving and wind-surfing.


    How to get there

    The closest airport to Marbella is Malaga Airport, which is serviced by most European carriers and is about 50km away. There is also a train service between Fuengirola and Malaga. From Malaga, you can get a bus to Marbella. If you’re driving, the main coastal road, the A7 connects Marbella to all the other coastal towns along Spain’s south coast, or alternatively you can take highway AP-7.

    When sailing in Marbella, this sun-drenched playground for the rich and famous will charm you with its historic quarter, its picturesque beaches and its glamorous laid-back Spanish lifestyle. With 25 km of gorgeous coastline and near-perfect weather, Marbella is an ideal place to anchor in for a few days, a week, or even a month. A sailing holiday in Marbella isn’t only for Europe’s elite, so start exploring your options now!

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