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    About Murter

    Murter Island is situated in central Dalmatia, on the Sibenik Archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. This beautiful Island is said to have been inhabited for nearly 2000 years, and is connected to the mainland only by a short drawbridge in the town of Tisno, on its eastern side. The actual town of Murter, the largest settlement on the island, is located on the north-western shore, and the other towns include the small townships of Betina and Jezera. Murter Island’s coastline is made of steep, rocky slopes and sandy beach coves, with a plethora of lovely beaches – both sandy and pebbly – to relax on. Murter town was named in 1715, and, along with some of the island’s best beaches, it offers hotels, sports facilities, cafes, bars and restaurants, and the fantastic Murter marina.



    Tourism on Murter Island has been rapidly increasing over the years, and the locals have adapted well to this influx of visitors, opening excellent restaurants and bars and providing plenty of exciting activities and stunning scenery to explore. When sailing Murter Island, history buffs can explore the remains of the ancient roman settlement of Colentum, which sits at the bottom of Gradina Hill, as well as St. Michael’s church, the church of Our Lady in Gradina and St. Rock’s chapel, which are the oldest on the island.

    The beaches on Murter Island are some of the most beautiful in Croatia. Slanica, Cigrada, Podvrske, Kosirina and Luke beach are some of the most popular for both visitors and locals alike.

    Another must-do in the area – and something perfect for those who have chartered their own sailing boat – is to cruise around the Kornati National Park, an incredible culmination of islands, islets and reefs just off the coast. Murter is an excellent base for exploring Kornati’s amazing island landscapes and underwater environment, which attracts divers from all over the world. Kornati is said to be one of the most magical collections of islands to sail through along the Croatian coast.

    As you sail along Murter’s jagged and cavernous coastline you’ll find Slanica Bay, which attracts visitors with its shallow water and soft sand, and is bordered by pine and olive trees. Slanica Beach is popular with families during the day, but at night it transforms into a beach full of restaurants, bars and partygoers. Next, sail around to Betina, a charming and traditional small Croatian fishing village, and then down to Jezera, a tiny port town that also has a lovely beach to relax on. Next up is Tisno town, which has two beautiful beaches that are surrounded with pine trees and which are also a little more quiet and secluded than Slanica. Tisno is also home to the infamous Garden Festival in July, one of Croatia’s most popular live music events, which attracts festival lovers from all over the world.


    How to get there

    The nearest airports to Murter Island are Split and Zadar, where bus and train transfers to Murter can be arranged. Murter Island is connected by bus to all larger European cities, with stops in Zagreb, Zadar and Sibenik, and you can catch a transfer from there. But don’t forget, the bridge at Tisno, which connects Murter Island to the mainland, is raised for half an hour in the morning and evening to let ships pass, so make sure to time your arrival accordingly.

    Murter Island is a classic Croatian destination that is perfect for sailing, and will act as your base for exploring the magnificent Kornati Islands. It’s landscape is covered with fig trees, olive groves and vineyards and, as one of the main centres for diving, fishing and (most importantly) sailing, you’ll receive a friendly welcome as you pull into Murter’s lovely harbour and sail around its secluded coves and beaches.

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