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    About Punat

    Sitting just off the northern Croatian coast, Punat lies on the island of Krk, the most populated and accessible island from the mainland. The mile-long Krk Bridge connects this island to mainland Croatia, providing easy access to its ancient towns, small fishing villages, popular city beaches, quiet swimming bays, excellent marina and vibrant cafes, restaurants and bars. Punat sits on the south-western shore of Krk, and the climate is generally mild and sunny. With just under 2000 inhabitants, visitors to Punat will find a laid back Mediterranean atmosphere and an abundance of historical and cultural monuments underneath a bustling and dynamic island lifestyle.



    In summer, Krk Island is flooded with tourists seeking its lovely beaches, dense forests and thriving coastal villages, but Punat provides a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle. Punat is a well-protected bay and is surrounded by fantastic beaches, as is Krk Island in general, and lying along this stretch of Croatian coast is an abundance of beautiful islands and bays, all of which make Punat an ideal destination to visit on your own private boat; you’ll have the ability to easily access and explore some of the best coves and beaches in the area, including Zgribnica beach, Konobe beach, Potovosce beach, Vela and Bunculuka beach.

    Because it’s predominantly a fishing town, Punat has some excellent fresh seafood and many establishments where you can indulge in the local cuisine, most notably Vele Vode, Kostarika and the Maslina tavern.

    Sailors – and anyone else who wants to charter a boat – will feel especially welcome in Punat, as it’s one of the largest nautical centres in Croatia and has the biggest and oldest marina on the Adriatic Sea, holding up to 1200 vessels.

    In the middle of Punat bay sits the small island of Kosljun, one of Punat’s best attractions, famous for its Franciscan Monastery and its library with an odd zoological exhibition.

    The charming town of Punat greets its visitors with interesting historical tales and friendly locals who are mostly involved in agriculture, grape and olive growing, fishing and, more recently, tourism. The dense green forests surrounding Punat hide fascinating archaeological monuments – from the ancient remains of bridges to medieval churches – and are also popular hiking destinations.


    How to get there

    The closest Airport is Rijeka Airport, on the northernmost tip of the island, but flights only operate here from April through to October. Alternatively, you can fly into Pula or Zagreb, where various bus transfers are available through to Krk Island and Punat. It’s also popular to get a train or bus to Rijeka, which is well connected to the rest of Europe and only 30km from Krk Island. If you’re planning on driving to Punat, you can take the Krk Island toll bridge, which costs 35,00 Kuna to cross.

    One of Krk’s younger towns, Punat is popular with tourists from all over the world and develops an exciting and vibrant atmosphere during the summer months. With stunning beaches and coves hidden all over Krk Island, Punat is an ideal sailing destination to charter a boat from and sail Croatia’s gorgeous coastline. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning now!

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