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    About Spain

    Each year millions of travelers flock to Spain to bask in the magnificence of everything this country has to offer. Spain's best museums, the incredible architecture of Madrid and Barcelona, the erotic flamenco music, and the delicious local tapas and red wine embody only some of Spain’s allure... and the list goes on. Our Spain travel guide will bring you one step closer to your dream sailing holiday in Spain.

    Whether a cultural trip or a romantic getaway, land-based Spain certainly has a lot to tempt holidaymakers. But imagine all this experienced on a sailing holiday. Sailing vacations in Spain are generally spent cruising two of its world-renowned island groups; the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Imagine having the freedom to sail Spain from island to island, designing your own vacation and floating wherever the wind takes you. Imagine your skipper anchoring into a peaceful beach cove while you feast on local paella, crispy croquettes and sweet sangria. A sailing holiday in Spain combines all the above charm with white sandy beaches, calm waters and the perfect way to cruise through its many coastal towns and islands.

    The Spanish coastline is arguably one of the most romantic, gorgeous, unspoilt stretches of coast in Europe. With almost 8000 km of Spanish coast, there is plenty to choose from. Well known areas are Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, which all offer great opportunities for renting a boat and relaxing away from the masses. Each is a beautiful coast in its own right, offering white sandy beaches drenched in hot summer sunshine and picturesque towns amidst rocky coves.

    The Balearic Islands, one of the most popular destinations for sailors and travelers alike, are located off the eastern shores of Spain’s mainland, east of Valencia and south east of Barcelona. You probably know them best as Ibiza, Mallorca (Majorca) and Minorca. Here, the climate, scenery and beaches are exceptional and the people have a reputation for being some of the most hospitable in the world. Despite the close proximity of each of these islands, each one has a varying landscape. They all offer the promise of sun, sand and serenity – the perfect mix for a sailing vacation – with a dose of wild times for the party people. Majorca is the largest and most commercial island, but Ibiza is known for its famous Ibiza clubs, bars and festival scene.

    The Canary Islands, a popular choice for more experienced sailors, lie off the western shores of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. The Canary Islands are situated a little further from Spain’s mainland, and so provide the perfect escape from the crowds that can build up in the more popular destinations. However, if you don’t have the sailing experience but still want to make the journey to these spectacular islands, we can set you up with an experienced skipper to get you there safely. If you want to get involved in the sail, great! Our skippers can certainly use your help and show you the ropes.

    When planning a sailing vacation in Spain, the hardest part is deciding where to go. The many beautiful and tempting options can be overwhelming but, once you decide on a route, we can help with the rest. We’ve got real photos, reviews and destination-specific information to help you choose the perfect boat. Simply send a booking request or, if you have specific questions or want to contact several charters at once, just use our easy messaging system to send your queries.

    Whether you’re an experienced sailor or an ocean rookie, we want you to explore the world and have an amazing sailing holiday on the sea.

    The dreamy Spanish coastline is calling your name. So what are you waiting for? Get booking!

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