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    About Sukosan

    Sukosan is a small coastal town and harbour that sits along the Adriatic tourism road on Croatia’s beautiful central coast peninsula. Located in the wide and spacious bay of Zlatna Luka and only 10km southeast of Zadar, Sukosan is protected by an abundance of beautiful offshore islands.

    Sukosan is a charming holiday resort town with pebbled beaches, distinguished buildings and summer carnivals, and is fantastic for sailing. Most of Sukosan’s small population comprises of tourists and visitors, but it’s also a town of thriving agriculture, excellent wine, vine and olive growing. During the summer months you can relax at one of Sukosan’s many beach cafes and watch the display of crowds enjoying sunshine, clear waters, DJs and beach performances.



    Sukosan is known as a nautical centre of the Croatian coastline, thanks to its Marina Dalmacija, which has 1200 berths, 500 dry berths and a private beach that is located within the marina area and is unique on the Adriatic.

    Some of the cultural monuments worth visiting while in Sukosan include the Church of St. Kasijan, the St. Martin Church, the ancient walls of the Upper Gate of Old Town and the narrow, winding streets of the town square.

    Sukosan is famous for its beautiful beaches and secluded coves, namely Djecji raj and Zlatna Luka beach, but our best pick for a spectacular nearby beach is one of Croatia’s most photographed, Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok island, with its turquoise water and secluded pine tree coverage.

    Just off the coast, you can easily sail to the large and fascinating islands of Pag, Dugi Otok and the incredible culmination of beautiful islands, high cliffs and salt-water lakes of Kornati National Park. The Kornati Islands, with their breathtaking natural beauty, diverse rocky coastlines and rich marine ecosystems, are comprised of around 130 uninhabited islands, reefs and islets. These islands are perfect for hiking, kayaking and reconnecting with nature among Kornati’s beautiful vineyards, olive groves and fig trees. Some other fantastic day trips from this small Dalmatian town include Paklenica National Park in Starigrad and nearby Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia


    How to get there

    The closest airport to Sukosan is Zemunik airport, located only 11km away near Zadar. From the Airport, you can jump on a bus that will first head to the main bus station in Zadar and then continue on to Sukosan. Regular bus lines operate along the coast and stop on the main road of Sukosan. If you’ve hired a car, you’ll most likely be driving along the A1 highway, in which case the nearest exit is the Zadar 2 exit. You can also drive along the coastal road, but it can become very congested during the summer months.

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