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  • How much does it cost to rent a motor yacht?
    The price of a motor yacht may vary a lot, depending on the number of cabins and on the "luxury level". Motor Yachts with less than 3 cabins may cost starting from 2.000 €/week in low season and from 3.000 €/week in high season. The price for a bigger motor yacht usually exceeds 10.000 € and can also go above 100.000 €. You can opt for a Motor Yacht if you are planning a day trip, however, they are ideal for a week vacation. You will need a sailing license to rent such a yacht or you have the option to rent a captain and enjoy the yachting adventure.
  • What do you need to rent a motorboat?
    For renting a motorboat you need a valid license. As these boats usually can get a higher speed, charters must guarantee the safety of all travelers. If you do not have a license, you still have the option of adding a professional captain on top of your booking. The captain will take care of the navigation, safety, and security of the boat, planning an itinerary and making sure maritime laws are followed accordingly. Be prepared to allow space on the boat for the captain to sleep and provide provisioning or meals during his stay.
  • Which motorboat is right for me?
    Choosing a motorboat depends on what you are looking for to achieve in your trip. If the purpose of your trip is relaxation and enjoyment, you should go for a luxury boat, and you'll then go for a crewed one. If you want a motorboat to practice, you'll choose a smaller one. It may also depend if you want a sporty motorboat or a comfortable one, then it may be important to check the cruising speed, the horsepower of the engine, and the fuel consumption.