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  • How much does it cost to rent a sailboat for a day?
    Normally sailboats are rented on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. In some destinations, like Mykonos or Ibiza, it's very popular to rent a party boat or a luxury motorboat for a day and this could cost from 500 €/day. The most popular destinations for renting a sailboat are located in the Mediterranean. In Greece and Croatia, you can already book a sailboat starting at a budget of 600€/week. For a family sailing holiday, we recommend the Sailboat Bavaria Cruiser 37 or the Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 for more space. If you are looking for a holiday with friends, you should definitely try Sailboat Dufour 460 Grand Large. Prices range depending on the destination and seasonality.
  • How far can a sailboat travel in a day?
    It strongly depends on the weather and if you use the engine or just the sail. If you're wondering how many nautical miles you can sail in a day, you should know that while sailing downwind, sailboats may cover up to 100NM (115 miles or 185 kilometers) in a single day. If you drive further and operate the engine, the distance might increase to 130NM. For shorter journeys, 60 NM is more normal. Lastly, large vessels are quicker than tiny boats.
  • Which sailboat is right for me?
    Depending on your experience, the type of crew you are with and the type of holiday you´d like to do you can choose different boats, depending on the equipment, on the layout and on the brand in some cases. For example, if you'd like to have a full comfort experience, you may opt for a recent Bavaria, Hanse, Jeanneau, or Dufour with teak deck, air conditioning and bow thruster (which helps to moor the boat in case you don't have that much experience). If you are an experienced sailor, what will be important for you is the type of mainsail (that can be furling or full batten), you may want to have a spinnaker or a gennaker on board to use better the wind and to sail faster, you may not need the bow thruster to maneuver the boat and you would prefer an Elan.