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  • How fast is a speedboat?
    Taking a ride on a speedboat is an exciting thing. Speedboats are used for leisure purposes such as cruising on the water and participating in water activities such as fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Generally speaking, a speedboat can average anything from 20-40 knots. They are popular choices for renting a yacht for day trips and usually, they do not offer the option to sleep onboard.
  • What is a speedboat?
    Speedboats are actually motorboats without cabins that usually go faster than other boats, suitable for daily rentals and for island hopping. They can perfectly serve for a day trip at sea. Some speedboats include inboard engines, while others have an outboard motor on the back, which combines the internal combustion engine, transmission, and propeller into a single portable unit.
  • Are speedboats safe?
    Yes, they are not just fun but also very safe! Of course, you'll also get security instructions before leaving the marina. However, keep in mind, you risk losing your capacity to break your boat timely if you sail too fast. Speeding late at night creates extra issues. Because vision is reduced at night, you may have difficulty detecting terrain barriers that were visible during the day. There are also other vessels to think about. A collision with a sandbar or the coastline might cause a boat to break or damage the boat.