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    Team Zizoo

    Making boat holidays awesome

    1. Anna
      CEO & Co-Founder

      Anna is our strategy, our vision and the driving force behind Zizoo. She has over 6 years’ experience working at Google, a passion for digital media and a mad love of the sea. Anna is a driven entrepreneur, our leading lady and the glue that holds our team together.

    2. Ivan
      CTO & Co-Founder

      Ivan is our go-to techspert and the architect connecting business with technology. With over 7 years’ experience in software architecture and development, he manages our development process and turns our creative ideas into technological product.

    3. Sinan
      CFO & Co-Founder

      Sinan is our financial brain. He attended the world’s top business schools and has extensive expertise in corporate finance and venture capital enterprises. Sinan manages our investor relations and drives our funding processes from start to finish.

    4. Benito
      CIO & Co-Founder

      Beni brings big technological ideas to the table and whips them into beautiful code. He has over 8 years’ experience developing cutting edge software and a passion for engineering web-based enterprise applications.

    5. Andrea
      Head of HR & Admin

      Andrea keeps the Zizoo crew at bay and ensures the office is in tip top shape. A world traveller inspired by music, language and the sea, Andrea has previously worked in Spain, Mexico and Chile. 

    6. Eleonora
      Accounting Intern

      Eleonora is currently studying International Business in Berlin and is now combining her love of travel with her knowledge of economics and geopolitics as an accounting intern at Zizoo. When not busy with the books, Eleonora spends her time travelling, reading and cheering for her favourite football team, Barca. She dreams of sailing the seven seas (or at least the Mediterranean) as well as discovering new cities and inspiring landscapes. 

    7. Sian
      Product Manager

      Responsible for the usability as well as the look and feel of our website, Zizoo’s Product Manager Sian has always loved boats. She first started sailing with her family in France, and years later wrote her dissertation on the mathematics behind sailing knots. Londoner by birth and Berliner by calling, Sian is our go-to-person for all things Google Analytics, art and the correct pronunciation of ‘yacht’ - [ jɒt ].

    8. Petra
      Business Intelligence Manager

      Originally from Zagreb, Petra found her way to Zizoo after following her passion for the sea. Though Petra has excelled as an archaeologist and a SEM/SEA manager, she remains a true beach bum at heart. She’s spent many happy summers cruising around the Dalmatian islands on her grandfather's boat. Petra’s love of the sea and desire to travel inspires her during her daily work as our Business Intelligence Manager.

    9. Marta
      Product Listings Associate

      With a dual degree in international business from universities in Spain and Germany, Marta’s love of travel and business insight brought her to Zizoo where she’s spotting the best boats around the world and adding them to our fleet. Inspired by the sun, sea and warm, sunny beaches, she’s also on the lookout for the next big sailing destinations. 

    10. Arek
      Senior Development Lead

      Arek is the latest addition to our technical team. With 15 years of experience in software development, a passion for NoSQL and Big Data, and a love of writing code, we know we can count on him to ensure runs perfectly.

    11. Eduardo
      Symfony2 Tech. Lead

      Globetrotter and tech enthusiast, Eduardo, joined the Zizoo Crew from Spain after gaining several years of experience in software development and traveling abroad. For Eduardo, development is not only work but a main hobby. Outside of the office, he continues to experiment with new technologies and also enjoys working out and exploring the outdoors.

    12. Hristina
      Head of Marketing

      Hristina looks after marketing at Zizoo. Hristina previously worked for Groupon and Microsoft, where she perfected the art of communicating with online audiences. Hristina loves travel, books, her cat Gremlin, and everything to do with sailing (in no particular order).

    13. René
      Senior Marketing Manager

      Rene has a passion for all things tech and travel related. Before joining the Zizoo Crew, he gained experience as an SEO data analyst at Kayak and spent time discovering South America as a digital nomad and backpacking through Australia and Southeast Asia. Back in Berlin, he still hasn’t lost his sense of adventure and enjoys bouldering and ATV driving in his free time.

    14. Robert
      Growth Marketing Director

      Working cross-functionally with Product Management, Engineering and Marketing teams, our Growth Marketing Director, Robert, actively looks for means to scale up our business. While dealing with data and numbers is his passion and fuel, he also values a healthy lifestyle with regular workout and a well-balanced diet. Over 1.5 years of overseas professional experience shaped him into a true navigator of the digital world.

    15. Lukas
      Marketing Manager

      Lukas studied communications and business in the Netherlands and has plenty of experience in the world of customer service and sales. When he retires, instead of buying a sportscar he plans to buy his own sailboat and a good-looking captain’s hat!

    16. Ellyn
      HR & Communications Manager

      Ellyn studied Media Studies in her home state of Pennsylvania before coming to Germany to earn her Masters in World Heritage Studies. Her love of travel and all things nautical brought her to Zizoo where she'll share with you sailing stories and journeys as well as great travel tips for your boat holiday.   

    17. Lorena
      Design Intern

      Creating visual design has always been Lorena’s bread and butter. Previously working at high-end art galleries and art magazines, she keeps an open mind and stays curious. When she looks at art, she is fascinated by how the hidden messages and embedded emotions communicate to each other. Texture, layers and colors are her means of languages. With her vast knowledge in all things art related, she inspires us constantly with her beautiful creation.

    18. Silvie
      Head of Sales

      Silvie is our people person. She has extensive experience in the tourism industry and a true passion for travel. She has a strong background in account management and customer service, and our customers love her friendly attitude and awesome sales skills.

    19. Jan
      Sales Associate

      A true world traveler, Jan has previously lived in Canada and Australia where he developed his love of surfing. When not kite or wave surfing, Jan enjoys trekking, spending time with his puppy and would love to backpack through Patagonia one day. As a past international ship broker in Kiel, Jan’s knowledge and passion for boating and adventures drive him to find you the perfect boat for your holiday.

    20. Fred
      Sales Associate

      As an avid traveller and outdoors enthusiast, Fred was quickly drawn to the travel and tourism industry. He earned his BS in International Hospitality Management in Arizona and a BA from IUBH in Bonn. At Zizoo, Fred’s here to help make your boat holiday planning smooth and easy. Having lived in various places around the world, including Brazil, USA and Portugal, he’s eager to help travellers of all kinds experience something new. What’s next on his travel list? Asia.

    21. Xavier
      Sales Associate

      An expert in tourism and travel, Xavier will make your boat holiday planning a breeze. Coming from the sunny island of Haiti, Xavier has often represented his home country at major tourism fairs and has much experience in the travel industry. Fun fact: Xavier has travelled to every continent in the world except for Australia and Antarctica, but aspires to cross those off his bucket list in the future.

    22. Evelyn
      Sales Associate

      Evelyn has a degree in business management and a strong passion for selling. She enjoys being a part of the sales industry, where she has experience in real estate and her own shop in Berlin. Evelyn loves speaking to our German clients, so give her a call!

    23. Benita
      Post-booking & Partnership Manager

      Benita studied philosophy and has been sailing all across the Mediterranean since a young age. In recent years, she has had the pleasure of being a skipper in Croatia. Her love affair with the sea brought her to Zizoo where she enhances customer experience and charter relations.

    24. Tea
      Partner Relations Associate

      With a passion for fitness, nutrition, travelling and the sea, Tea joined our crew as a member of our Post-booking team where she helps complete your boat holiday booking experience. Driven by her love of travel and all things nautical, Tea is here to ensure your holiday planning is smooth sailing. She dreams of travelling throughout Italy to experience la dolce vita and enjoys sports both on land and in the sea.

    25. Alessandra
      Post-Booking Associate

      As the former owner of a home design store, Alessandra brings her ability to prioritize, schedule and organize workflows to make your booking experience effortless. While traveling in Scandinavia, she found her happy place in Sweden, where the northern wildness and peaceful nature awakened her serenity. The next thing on her bucket list is an epic road trip in Canada with her beloved husband.