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    Discover Istria on your Pula Yacht Charter

    Spend 7 days island hopping in the Adriatic from Pula with this sailing itinerary

    Discover the beauty of Croatia’s northern region of Istria with your yacht charter from Pula. Our sailing route from Pula is perfect for a relaxing boat holiday spent exploring charming islands and parks such as the National Park of Brijuni. As you island hop along the coast of Istria, you will have the chance to discover Croatia’s rich cultural and natural heritage while spending your evenings in well-equipped marinas or anchored in quiet, sheltered bays.  

    What you can do and see on this route:Relaxing in National Park Brijuni and the Cape of Premantura, snorkelling and swimming in the Adriatic and sampling the local cuisine of Istria. This route is for:Families, couples and explorers interested in history and wanting to spend a holiday relaxing on Croatia's picturesque beaches and visiting charming islands. Best time to go sailing:April-September Duration:7 Days

    Day 1: Pula to Brijuni National Park

    View of the old town in Pula.
    Discover the ancient city before hopping on board your yacht in Pula

    Before checking into your yacht charter in Pula’s marina, take some time to get to know the ancient town that is full of Mediterranean charm. Top sites to see in Pula include the Arch of Triumph, the ancient temple of Augustus, and the Roman amphitheatre, which has become the landmark of the city. Depart from one of the city’s two main marinas, ACI Pula and Marina Veruda and get ready for a peaceful journey to the nearby Brijuni National Park, just five miles away from ACI Pula.

    Brijuni National Park is made up of 14 islands. Spend the night on Veli Brijun, the largest island, which has a small marina. The islands, which once served as a summer residence of the Yugoslavian leader Tito, is home to many seaside villas, Roman ruins and a safari park. You may also enjoy cycling or walking along the island’s’ trails.

    Find out more about chartering a yacht in Pula with our guide

    Day 2: Brijuni to Susak or Unije

    On the second day, enjoy a slightly longer route from Brijuni National Park to Susak Island.The journey will take about 33 miles. Along the way, you will pass the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula and the resort of Premantura, where you can visit Cape Kamenjak Park. The whole area surrounding the peninsula is known for its hidden coves and secluded beaches where the waters range from deep blue to bright, emerald green.

    On Susak you can anchor in a beautiful sandy bay, though do take care when the Bora wind is strong. Alternatively, you can sail to the more northern island of Unije, which has more sheltered bays, some of which are equipped with moorings. The most popular bay is Maracol on the east side of Unije, which is also perfect for a swim and day spent at the beach. Unije has many restaurants and facilities. You can also enjoy the island’s hiking trails or take your chartered yacht fishing.

    Cliffs in Kamenjak
    On day 2, you'll pass Cape Kamenjak Park along on the peninsula of Premantura
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    Day 3: Susak to Premuda

    Sailing in Losinj archipelago.
    Sail along the Lošinj archipelago on day 3

    Your next destination is the small island of Premuda, which is not far from Zadar. From the Lošinj archipelago (where you have spent the night either in Susak or Unije), it is 18 nautical miles to your next destination. If it is too far to Premuda, you can also sail to Ilovik, which is only 10 miles from Susak. The village on Illovik has options for moorings buoys or on the dock.

    On Premuda you can find mooring buoys at the front of the island as the small port may be full in the summer months. Right at the port, you will see the characteristic chapel of San Ciriaco as well as a small tavern where you can have dinner. Premuda is characterised by its rugged landscape: stones pine trees and evergreen shrubs make up most of the island’s vegetation. Take a walk and enjoy the sea views and scent of wild herbs that grow throughout the island. For diving enthusiasts, plan a trip to "Katedrala", a cave system that has a special light effect thanks to its porous ceiling.

    Day 4: Premuda to Dugi Otok

    Heading south from Premuda you sail to Dugi Otok, the "long island", on day four. From Premuda’s marina, it is about 15 nautical miles past the islands of Škarda, Ist and Molat until you reach Dugi Otok. Here you can choose to anchor in the large Bay of Sakarun or sail to Veli Rat, the northernmost town in Dugi Otok where there is a small, yet modern marina. At Baotić Marina, you will also find a small supermarket to stock up as well as a café and restaurant.

    The main attraction of Veli Rat is the Punta Bjanca lighthouse, found three kilometres north-west of the village. If choosing to anchor in Sakarun, you will find yourself in one of the most picturesque beaches in Croatia. Dugi Otok itself is famous for its steep cliffs along the coast, which are particularly impressive from your chartered yacht. In addition to finding enchanting vineyards and orchards, you should also make a visit to Nature Park Telašćica on the southern end of the island.

    Cliffs in Dugi Otok
    Visit the cliffs of Nature Park Telašćica

    Day 5: Dugi Otok to Silba

    Chrystal clear water in Silba
    Relax on the pristine beaches of Silba

    After spending the night in Dugi Otok, it’s time to start sailing back to Pula. From Dugi Otok, our sailing route take you to the island of Silba, which is about 16 nautical miles north. In Silba, you have two options for day and night: either you use the small marina of Mul or anchor in the popular Porat Sv. Ante in the south-west. From Porat Sv. Ante, it is about a 40 minute walk to the town. Make sure to bring a flashlight if returning from the town in the evening hours, as the trail leads you through the forest.

    Silba is known for its idyllic sand, pebble and rocky beaches, which can be reached by a small footpath. The most popular beaches are the sandy beach of Sotorisce on the southern side of the island and the pebble stone beach in the Bay of Pocukmarak. Take a dip in the warm turquoise waters or climb the "Tower of Love" which was erected to commemorate the love between a Croatian captain and his young wife.

    Day 6: Silba to Lošinj

    Continue north on you yacht from Silba to Kvarner Bay, where you’ll find the island of Lošinj, the “island of vitality”. There are several options for your stay in Lošinj: choose to anchor in the large, safe bay of Artatore or in one of three marinas in Veli Lošinj. In the village of Artatore, you will be able to do some shopping and try out one of the three fine restaurants that offer fresh local dishes. The village is situated in the middle of a pine forest and is famous for its hospitality. You should also visit the more well-known town of Mali Lošinj where you can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the restaurants and bars that surround the harbour. You can also take in the view of the island from the Church of St. Nicholas in the town square.

    The island of Lošinj also prides itself in health tourism and offers 250 km of trails for walking, hiking and biking. The tourism board of Lošinj has created several projects and programs to help you get to know the flavours and scents of the landscapes. Many restaurants, bars and hotels, for example, are featuring different native herbs and flowers as part of Lošinj’s “Fragrance Months”.

    View of the town on Lošinj in Croatia.
    Enjoy a night on coast of Lošinj

    Day 7: Lošinj to Pula

    Beautiful beach in Pula
    Explore the many beautiful beaches that surround Pula

    On the last day of the sailing route, you will be able to relax and take in the refreshing sea breeze on a 33-mile cruise from Veli Lošinj back to Pula. On your way, you may want to stop back in Unije for lunch or go there if you opted for Susak instead on the second day. Back in Pula, it’s time to refuel at the marina. Admire the sight of the Roman Amphitheatre as you enter.

    After checking out of your yacht charter in Pula, enjoy the historic town once more. We recommend an evening at Konoba Medeja, which also offers an excellent wine list, or the Konoba Istriana, which, as the name suggests, features cuisine that is typical of the region. Make sure to sample some of Istria's luxury foods. Afterwards, you can take a walk to the harbour to see the beauty of Pula in the evening. 


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