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    Spend 7-days discovering the Kornati Islands and more on your chartered yacht from Zadar

    Spend a week exploring the many small islands of Kornati National Park aboard your chartered yacht from Zadar while making stops in picturesque coastal towns along the way. Zizoo’s sailing route from Zadar to the Kornati Islands is perfect for families or sailors looking for a relaxing boat holiday in Croatia.

    What you can see and do on this route:Discover the islands of Kornati National Park, enjoy day trips to small fishing villages, go snorkelling and swimming in the Adriatic and savour Croatian wine and seafood specialities. This route is for:Families, couples and other explorers that want to relax and enjoy the beauty of Croatia's natural sites and islands. Best time go sailing:April-September Duration:7 Days

    Day 1: Zadar to Vrgada

    Sailboat sailing to Vrgada in Croatia
    Vrgada is known for its golden beaches and pine forests

    Before checking into your yacht charter in Zadar’s marina, take the time to explore the lovely Old Town and its beautiful historic landmarks. Not to be missed are Zadar’s numerous churches, many of which were constructed in the medieval period. St. Donatus Church is the city's most symbolic monument and is located near the iconic bell, which was dedicated to St. Anastasia. The western end of the Old Town offers stunning views of the Adriatic. Here you will also find the famous sea organ of Nikola Bašić, which produces music with the waves.

    Depending on the weather, conditions or your desired sailing time, there are two options: as you depart from Zadar marina, you can either sail 14 nautical miles to the small island of Vrgada or choose a much shorter route and spend the night at Ždrelac, anchoring between the islands Ugljan and Pašman. If opting for Vrgada, you can find buoys for your overnight stay.

    Day 2: Vrgada to Sali

    On the second day of your yacht charter holiday in Croatia, you will set sail towards the island of Dugi Otok (Long Island), which stretches over 43km along the Adriatic coast. As you sail to Dugi Otok, enjoy the view of the towering coastal cliffs on the western coast from your chartered yacht. Sali is the perfect stopping point for day two. The charming town is located on the southern coast of the island in a bay about 15 miles from Vrgada.

    In Sali Marina there are more than 80 berths for yachts. It is also equipped with everything you might need for need for your holiday. For dinner, we recommend the "Kornati" konoba at the port, where you can get to know the local cuisine of the fishing village or prepare dinner onboard with our tips for cooking on a boat. To the north of the port bay, you can take a swim in one of the island’s best beaches.

    View of cliffs on island of Dugi otok in Croatia
    Cliffs of Dugi Otok
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    Day 3: Sali to Kornati

    View of the calm waters of the Adriatic from the 
Kornati Islands.
    Tranquil waters around Kornati

    Kornati Islands National Park is just south of Dugi Otok. Please note that you will need a ticket for your yacht for this part of the Kornati Islands, which you can buy at the park directly or in advance at designated pre-sale points in Zadar. Spend the day lounging in the sun, snorkelling or walking the trails of the park.

    The National Park has a modern and well-equipped marina: ACI Marina Piškera. The marina is located near the island of Piškerain on the western side of the park. There you will find 120 berths, a restaurant, grocery store and other facilities. If you are coming from the north, the entrance to the marina can be a bit difficult to navigate because of scattered cliffs. Check the charts or your navigational system when entering the marina. Choose to spend the following two nights in Marina Piškera or anchor off the main island of Kornat or one of several official anchorages in the Kornati Islands.

    Day 4: Kornati Islands National Park

    Spend another day sailing around in Kornati National Park, which is a true sailor’s paradise. With it’s tranquil, uninhabited islands and pristine waters, it is no wonder why the Kornati Islands are the most popular archipelago to visit in Croatia. Explore the islands’ byzantine ruins and discover ancient artefacts. You can also get a glimpse of the local flora and fauna both above and below water.

    Spend the day discovering small coves where you can find fantastic local taverns that offer jetties to make a stop for lunch or dinner. Some local specialities include grilled lamb and seafood. You might also want to stock up on some of the islands’ local products such as olive oil, jams, candles and essential oils.

    Sunset over the Kornati Islands archipelago in Croatia
    Enjoy remarkable sunsets while sailing around the Kornati Islands

    Day 5: Kornati to Skradin

    Waterfalls in Krka National Park in Croatia
    Enchanting waterfalls of Krka National Park

    After a restful stay in Kornati, it’s time to start sailing back to the mainland. On your way, you will pass the fortress of St. Anna, which dominates the city of Šibenik. Then follow the River Krka about 8 nautical miles upstream to Skradin, a charming town that has been inhabited since neolithic times.

    In Skradin you can stay at the ACI Marina Skradin or at an anchorage in front of the marina. Directly behind Skradin is the entrance to Krka National Park. Please note that you cannot sail there with your own yacht, rather, from Skradin you can take a water taxi which departs every hour to visit the National Park that is famed for its legendary waterfalls. Many consider Krka National Park to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Croatia, therefore a visit to the waterfalls should definitely be on your to-do list on your yacht charter holiday from Zadar.

    Day 6: Skradin to Zlarin

    The next day, make your way back down the river past Šibenik to the offshore island of Zlarin, which forms part of the Šibenik archipelago. From Skradin it is about 15 nautical miles until you reach the island village. Here, you can moor on the quay or, alternatively, opt for the buoys in front of the village. Zlarin has served as a safe harbour for many centuries and is perfect for a night’s stay on your boat trip from Zadar. You are sure to have a chance to unwind on Zlarin island, partly due to the fact that there are no cars on the island.

    The landscape of the island is distinguished by pine forests and vineyards. Zlarin is also famous for its corals, which are abundant around the island. Those interested in the history and culture of Zlarin can visit the Coral Museum or take a walk to one of the historic churches of "Gospa od Raselja" and "Velika Gospa".

    View of Sibenik's town
    View of Sibenik

    Day 7: Zlarin to Zadar

    View of the sea organ on Zadar's seafront
    Visit Zadar's famous sea organ

    The sail from Zlarin back to your yacht charter in Zadar is a total of 32 nautical miles. This pleasant cruise will take you along the unique coastline of Central Dalmatia, past Biograd na Moru, the "white city by the sea". You will also pass the shallow islands Pašman, Ugljan and Dugi Otok.

    As you approach Zadar Marina, do not forget to fuel your chartered yacht before check-out. As you leave your floating holiday home, you can relax back on land in the Old Town of Zadar. If spending the evening in Zadar, you should go back to the sea organ on the promenade and check out the Sun Salutation, an impressive art installation that is made up of 300 multi-layered glass solar panels. End your holiday with a traditional Croatian meal accompanied by a good bottle of domestic wine as you think back to the all the beauty that you experienced in Dalmatia.

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