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    Yacht Charter Holidays in Sibenik: A 7-day Itinerary

    Experience Croatia's nature parks and beaches from your yacht charter in Sibenik

    Settled on the Krka River between Zadar and Split, Šibenik is an ideal starting point for a sailing holiday in central Dalmatia. You can find out how to get to Šibenik and when to go with our guide here. Before checking into your yacht charter in Šibenik, take some time to explore the historic city, which is home to the Cathedral of St James, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also climb the fortress of St. Michael, which offers a fantastic view of the town and sea.

    What you can see and do on this routeVisit the waterfalls in Krka National Park, the Kornati Islands and some of the best beaches from the historic city of Šibenik. On this route, you can spend the nights docked in marinas or anchored in tranquil coves. This route is for:Families, friends and other explorers who want to experience Croatia's beautiful parks and beaches. Best time to go sailing:April-September Duration:7 Days

    Day 1 Šibenik to Zlarin

    View of Sibenik from the River Krka
    Day 1: Begin your adventure on the Adriatic from Šibenik

    After checking into your yacht charter in Šibenik, you are well on your way to an unforgettable adventure on the Adriatic. Your first stop on our 7-day sailing route from Šibenik is the nearby island of Zlarin in the Šibenik archipelago. From Šibenik’s marina, you will enjoy a short cruise along St Anthony’s canal, which leads to the Bay of Šibenik. As you approach the bay, you will pass by the 16th century St Nicholas Fortress and have an incredible view of the Šibenik archipelago.

    The island of Zlarin is a small, peaceful oasis from the mainland (you won’t find any cars on the island). You’ll easily find the entrance to Zlarin’s marina, as it is located in a large bay. In the marina, you can berth on the jetty and spend a pleasant day discovering the small island which is famous for coral. Alternatively, you can sail to the uninhabited island of Tijat from Šibenik and use a buoy for the night in the sheltered inlet.

    Day 2: Zlarin to Kaprije

    From Zlarin, you will continue your journey in the Šibenik archipelago to the island of Kaprije. It is a short sail to Kaprije, an idyllic, pristine island that is only home to about 100 inhabitants. The people of Kaprije use the island’s land for olive and grape production. Like Zlarin, Kaprije is also car free. The unspoilt island is most known for the film, Mediterraneo.

    You have the choice to dock in the more popular cove of Kaprije or the smaller Nozdra Bay. In Kaprije you will find several mooring buoys. In the main, village there are several restaurants or you can dock in Nozdra bay at Knoba Matteo on the southern end of the island where you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at the restaurant. The restaurant has been serving yachtsmen venturing to the Kornati Islands for several decades.

    If you prefer a quieter anchorage, you can moor in the inlet of Borovnjaci on the adjacent island of Kakan.

    Olive tree on an island in Croatia
    The tranquil island of Zlarin is home to several olive tree orchards
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    Day 3: Kaprije to Kornati Islands

    View of the Kornati Islands and the calm Adriatic sea
    Sail on the peaceful waters that surround the Kornati Islands

    On day three of our sailing route from Šibenik, enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Adriatic as you make your way to Kornati Islands National Park. The archipelago made up of nearly 100 islands and several smaller islets is a true sailor’s paradise. Many of the islands are uninhabited and have retained their unique landscapes which are characterised by small hills covered with low-lying bushes. Remember, you will need a ticket to sail in the park. This can be purchased in advance for a lower price in Šibenik or directly from park officials in Kornati.

    Spend the day sailing in and out of the islands and islets, making stops in remote and peaceful bays for an afternoon swim or lunch onboard. Spend the night on the island of Ravni Zakan, where you can dock at the jetty in front of Knoba Zakan and treat yourself to the island’s local cuisine.

    Day 4: Kornati to Dugi Otok

    From Ravni Zakan, you can sail north along the large island of Kornat as you make your way to the edge of the Kornati Islands National Park. Plan to stop for the night on the island of Katina where you can anchor in front of Restaurant Mare, one of the oldest restaurants in the Kornati Islands. The small marina also offers electricity and water.

    Alternatively, you can use a mooring buoy in the bay of Telašcica Park. Keep in mind, that if you choose to spend the night in the park, you will need to obtain a ticket, which can be bought directly from authorities in the bay or continue north along Dugi Otok (“Long Island”) where you will spend the night and the lively marina in Sali. Here you can provision your boat and use the marina’s modern facilities.

    Wind surfers and sailboats off the coast of Dugi Otok, Croatia
    Dugi Otok is a popular destination for wind surfers and nature lovers

    Day 5: Katina or Dugi Otok to Žut or Murter

    View of the Kornati Islands from the sea
    Sail past the Kornati Islands as you make your way to Murter

    From the island of Katina or Dugi Otok, you have the choice of making a shorter trip to the island of Žut or continuing further on to the more popular island of Murter. If you prefer to sail to Žut, you can either drop anchor or use a buoy in Hiljača, a well-sheltered cove. The island features many small, hidden coves and inlets that are perfect for a quiet day at the beach. The island also has several restaurant options and supermarket in the ACI Marina.

    You also have the option of sailing closer to your base in Šibenik by spending the night in Murter. As a popular starting point for sailors and holiday goers going to the Kornati Islands, Marina Hramina, on the island of Murter, is an ideal resting point. It is also home to some of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches and historic monuments. You should also make sure to pick up a bottle of the island’s famous olive oil.

    Day 6: Murter to Krka National Park

    If you spent the evening in Murter, we suggest that you spend your 6th day discovering Croatia’s famous Krka National Park. From Murter, sail south along the Dalmatian coast, making your way back to the Bay of Šibenik and up the Krka River. This is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable parts of your cruise in Croatia. As you sail past forested mountains, you will have the opportunity to stop in one of the park's historic sites as you make your way to Skradin. Here, you will find anchorage in Skradin’s marina and from there, you can take a water taxi to the park. In Krka, you can swim in crystal clear waters while enjoying the incredible backdrop of the park's famous seven waterfalls.

    Alternatively, if you stayed closer to Kornati Islands National Park on the island of Žut, you can sail to the nearby island of Vrgada, which is famous for its golden beaches - the perfect retreat for your sailing holiday in northern Dalmatia.

    Waterfalls in Krka National Park
    Krka National Park

    Day 7: Skradin or Vrgada to Šibenik

    View of the marina in Skradin, Croatia
    Marina in Skradin

    From Skradin, it is a short cruise on the river back to your yacht charter in Šibenik. You might like to wake up early to enjoy hiking in the park before you depart. Krka National Park offers excellent trails with several impressive archaeological sites. Take your time to explore the wonders of the park and enjoy the scenery on the River Krka on your return journey to Šibenik.

    If you have chosen to stay on the island of Vrgada, you will enjoy one last day out at sea. It will take a couple of hours to get back to Šibenik. Consider taking time to make a short stop to Murter or drop anchor in one of the secluded bays in the Šibenik archipelago for a dip in the Adriatic.

    Back in Šibenik, you will have many options for how to spend the rest of your time. If you haven’t already explored the town, take the chance now or discover more of the area’s attractions with our guide to chartering a yacht in Šibenik.

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