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    Sailing holidays in Mali Losinj

    A Guide to setting sail in Mali Losinj: The perfect base for island hopping in Croatia

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Mali Losinj

    Charter a yacht with Zizoo in Mali Losinj, on the island of Losinj off the western coast of Croatia. A superb spot for sailing holidays, Mali Losinj enjoys great weather and scenic views of the nearby mountains. You’ll also be near a number of excellent beach resorts along the Croatian coast and on the surrounding islands.


    • Inspiring landscapes
    • Dolphin Watching in the Adriadic
    • Historic centre of Pula
    • Best time to sail
      June – September
    • Currency
      Croatian Kuna
    • Boat base locations
      Mali Losinj – Pula – Krk – Zadar
    • Languages spoken
      Croatian, English
    • Closest airports
      Losinj (LSZ), Pula (PUY), Zadar (ZAD), Rijeka (RJK)
    • Tips
      Adriatic Islands, The Hidden Coves of Cres, Roman Arena at Pula
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    Explore Croatia from Mali Losinj

    Mali Losinj is at the heart of the isle of Losinj in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of northern Dalmatia. Sail in the summer for fine weather and smooth sailing conditions. EU, US and Canadian citizens won’t need a visa to enter Croatia for a sailing holiday. Travellers from other countries should check with their Foreign Ministry if a visa is needed to enter Croatia. The airport is just a 20-minute drive to the town of Mali Losinj, and offers international flights that take you straight to the island.

    The local currency is the Croatian Kuna, and there are three marinas to choose from in this compact town, with Marina Losinj being the primary port for sailing holidays. You’ll also be near a number of other islands with smaller ports and several bays to drop anchor when touring the area. Larger marinas are found at Pula and Zadar on the mainland.

    Sailboats in Mali Losinj

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    Rock formation on the crystal clear sea on Cres island
    Coast of Cres Island

    Mali Losinj has long been a historical shipping hub and continues its maritime traditions today. The town and surrounding area caters to travellers looking for relaxing sailing holidays with great weather and plenty of nearby sights to explore. On the island Mali Losinj itself, you can also visit scenic Veli Losinj and Cunski, and sail up to the island of Cres. This is actually connected by very thin strips of land to Losinj but is often viewed as separate to it.

    You can dock at the port of Beli on Cres, a distinctly Mediterranean village which offers water sports such as scuba diving. Hiking is also popular here because of the fantastic views atop the island's hills. Borik Mediterranean and Lanterna Grill are two of the best seaside restaurants in Mali Losinj by choice of the Zizoo team. Kredo and Oxygen are two local bars, with friendly atmospheres offering a relaxed break between sailing trips in the Mali Losinj area.

    When going on a sailing holiday in Mali Losinj, Pula is not to be forgotten when planning your sailing itinerary. Take time to experience the town’s rich history with impressive landmarks such as the Roman amphitheatre and forum in the centre of the city. You can also sail to the nearby Brijuni islands with a national park. Pula offers scuba diving near the town and on the islands near the park. One of the most popular beaches in Pula is Kamenjak.

    Cres is great for beaches including Lubenice and Stivan. Lubenice is also an interesting ancient fort city to visit while on your sailing holiday in Mali Losinj.

    Pula is not to be forgotten when planning your itinerary.

    view of Pula's Roman ampitheatre
    Ampitheatre of Pula

    Motorboats in Mali Losinj

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    View of Pag island with houses along the coast and mountains in the background
    Island of Pag

    At the heart of the Adriatic Sea, Mali Losinj makes an excellent starting point for exploring the great towns, nature parks and islands around the area during your boat holiday in Croatia. Accessible to travellers exclusively on sailing holidays are the islands of the Zadar Archipelago. These include Dugi Otok and Ugljan, the most densely populated islands of Croatia. Here you can see the sprawling olive groves and St Michael’s Fort at the top of a steep hill.

    After touring the Zadar archipelago by boat, sail back to your marina in Mali Losinj, making stops in Nin, famed for its golden beaches and Pag, which has recently risen as one of the top party islands in the Mediterranean. In addition to its lively parties, Pag is also well known for its local gastronomy. Make sure to try some of the island’s famed cheese with a glass of local wine when visiting Pag.

    To the north Mali Losinj, it’s a short sail to Cres. The island is distinguished by its fortified Old Town and lovely 66 km coastline where you’ll find several pebble beaches. The waters surrounding Cres are also a great place to spot dolphins. Sail up the coast and make your way to Krk, nicknamed the ‘Golden Island’ in the Kvarner archipelago. Krk is known for its fine woodland paths and more opportunities for diving. From Krk, you can sail around Cres or along the coast of the mainland to make your way to Pula.

    At the heart of the Adriatic Sea, Mali Losinj makes an excellent starting point for exploring the great towns, nature parks and islands around the area during your sailing holiday in Croatia.

    Tourists standing over the rocky coast bordering Kamenjak lagoon
    Cape Kamenjak near Pula
    Sailboat sailing past the island of Losinj
    Hire a sailing yacht in Mali Losinj

    The area is very warm in the summer with air temperatures in the town of Mali Losinj of about 30°C in August and about 20°C in the sea. Wind speeds of around 10 knots are normal, with no significant tides. Wave heights are usually particularly low, at around half a metre or less on average around the island. These are perfect conditions for you to enjoy your sailing holiday in Mali Losinj without any stress.

    Sail in the summer for fine weather and smooth conditions when you charter a yacht in Mali Losinj.

    The Maestral is the prevailing trade wind which dominates in a north-westerly direction and sometimes reaches F5 at the highest. Mid-afternoon is when is blows strongest, calming down again in the late afternoon and evening. In general, the area enjoys smooth sailing that’s testament to its popularity during the summer. Be sure to book moorings ahead of time in order to be sure of availability when island hopping. Also, note that you can book a skipper together with your Mali Losinj sailing holiday with Zizoo.

    In general, the area enjoys smooth sailing that’s testament to its popularity during the summer.

    Bay with a pine forest on the island of Losinj
    Drop anchor in the many bays around Mali Losinj

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Croatia

    Yacht charters on the coast of Croatia

    The nation of 1,000 islands remains one of our top destinations for sailing. Wandering through the winding streets of walled cities, touring the country’s diverse landscapes and savouring the local delicacies and wines in friendly local taverns and picturesque vineyards - do all this and more when you charter a yacht in Croatia. 


    • Incredible beaches
    • Rich cultural heritage
    • Stunning coastal cities

    • Best time to sail
    • Currency
    • Boat base locations
      Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Hvar
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
      Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb
    • Tips
      World Heritage Cities of Split and Dubrovnik, Kornati Islands National Park, party islands of Pag and Hvar