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    Sailing holidays in Pula

    A Guide to setting sail in Pula: Discover Croatia's ancient Roman past

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Pula

    When you rent a boat in Pula, you’ll have a chance to explore some of Croatia’s most intriguing sites such as the Brijuni Islands national park, the gorgeous Kornati archipelago and Kamenjak peninsula. Pula boat trips are a fantastic way to see more of the area during a limited time. From remote beaches and crystal-clear waters to historic monuments, your Croatian holiday on a chartered yacht in Pula will be one to remember.


    • Secluded islands
    • Alluring beaches
    • Anceint Roman sites
    • Best time to sail
      Mid to late summer
    • Currency
      Croatian Kuna
    • Boat base locations
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
    • Tips
      Brijuni Islands, National Park Kornati archipelago, Kamenjak peninsula
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    The historic city of Pula

    Pula is located on the southern base of Croatia’s Istrian peninsula and lies in a naturally protected cove, which makes it a great starting place to discover the northern region of Croatia by boat. It is best known for its rich Roman history, as testified by the city’s 1st-century amphitheatre as well as impressive churches and fortresses that date back to the Medieval and Renaissance times.

    Pula is the largest city in Istria and is served by its own airport, which receives a number of domestic and international flights. It will take you less than 10 minutes to get to the city centre, which is just 6 km away by bus, taxi or car. From the city center, the Pula marina is just a few minutes away by car. Pula’s historic harbour is situated in a unique location, right in front of a beautiful Roman amphitheatre. The marina features 213 berths for yachts up to 15 metres. The Croatian kuna is the local currency, although some establishments will also accept euros.

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    After exploring the inspiring town of Pula, it's time to explore the nearby islands. Going on a sailing holiday in Pula is the best way to tour the breathtaking islands at your own pace. Sail to Brijuni Islands National Park, a stunning collection of 14 islands in the northern Adriatic Sea that are well known for their natural beauty. Enjoy the lush vegetation and the Safari Park as well as historic ruins and cultural sites. When you go sailing in Pula you can also visit Veli and Mali Brijun, the largest islands, which can only be reached by boat.

    Further on, navigate towards the lovely island of Unije, which boasts several bays and beaches that are perfect for relaxing on your getaway. Then sail to Losinj in the Cres-Losinj archipelago, a great access point to the smaller, less frequented islands of Unije and Susak. Enjoy Losinj's evergreen covered landscapes and grab a glass of local wine or a crafted cocktail as the sun sets as the island’s lively night scene gets underway.

    Beach in Pula
    Beach near Pula
    Brijuni national park
    Brijuni National Park

    Further south is Silba, which is renowned for its natural beauty and lively party scene. Explore the pebble beaches that dot the bays on the island's coastline, which are more easily accessible when you visit them by boat. Once you drop anchor in Silba, you will be greeted by Toreta, an iconic 19th century tower. Climb its external staircase to take in the view. Also, when you're in Silba, don't miss dining on mouthwatering shellfish dishes which the island is famed for.

    On your way back to Pula, stop by Susak and relax on its fabulous beaches and experience the island’s local traditions and festivals. Susak is small and sparsely inhabited, giving the island a quaint charm that will make you forget the hassle of urban living. From natural attractions to historic landmarks, a sailing holiday in Pula is pure bliss.

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    Sailing in Pula

    Pula enjoys a mild weather with an average temperature of 24°C to 29°C in the summer months. The coldest temperatures are in January, with 5-10°C. The summer period attracts a high number of visitors. At this time, water temperatures hover around the 25°C mark. It is also the best time to go sailing in Pula, when you can enjoy favourable winds and warm temperatures. Diurnal winds are moderate during the summer months, with force between 4-5. At night, descending or katabatic winds prevail coming from the mountains. Sirocco or S/SE winds can develop in summer, usually coming before a depression moves across the Mediterranean.

    At the marina in Pula, it is possible to anchor 6-8 metres away from the ferry route. Alternatively, you can anchor in one Pula’s beautiful bays. You can also latch onto a mooring buoy at a cost. In the summer months, it is advised that you reserve a mooring spot in advance or arrive early in one of the local fishing harbours, which can provide cheaper mooring options for your sailing holiday in Pula.

    Pula is not only a terrific sailing destination, but also a haven for sun worshippers who come to Istria for its great beaches. Some of the best spots include Banjole, Premantura, Fazana, Punta Verudela and Bijeca Beach.

    Bay in Pula
    Bay near Pula

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    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Croatia

    Yacht charters on the coast of Croatia

    The nation of 1,000 islands remains one of our top destinations for sailing. Wandering through the winding streets of walled cities, touring the country’s diverse landscapes and savouring the local delicacies and wines in friendly local taverns and picturesque vineyards - do all this and more when you charter a yacht in Croatia. 


    • Incredible beaches
    • Rich cultural heritage
    • Stunning coastal cities

    • Best time to sail
    • Currency
    • Boat base locations
      Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Hvar
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
      Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb
    • Tips
      World Heritage Cities of Split and Dubrovnik, Kornati Islands National Park, party islands of Pag and Hvar