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    Sailing holidays in Sukosan

    A Guide to setting sail in Sukosan: Paradise for food and wine lovers

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Sukosan

    Located on the wide bay of Zlatna Luka, Sukosan is Croatia’s nautical hub and the perfect place to charter a yacht for your next sailing holiday in Croatia. With its scenic pebble beaches, intriguing coves, lively beach bars, picturesque vineyards and olive groves, Sukosan is an ideal base to experience the country's diverse landscapes and warm hospitality.


    • Krka National Park
    • Dalmatian islands
    • Tranquil beaches
    • Best time to sail
      May - September
    • Currency
    • Boat base locations
      D-Marin Marina Dalmacija, Zadar Marina
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
    • Tips
      Murter Kornati National Park, party island of Silba, Paklenica National Park
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    Sukosan, Dalmatia

    Located just 10 kilometres away from the larger city of Zadar, you’ll find it easy to reach this gem on the Dalmatian coast. Zadar’s airport is served by several international airlines and is well connected to Croatia’s major airports. Croatia’s currency is the kuna, but some businesses may accept euros and ATMs are easy to find.

    The Marina Sukosan offers 1400 moorings, plenty of dry moorings and a café and restaurant. Close to the marina, you can find Zlatna Luka, a great beach that offers several volleyball courts. The main beach in Sukosan is known as a paradise for families and children because of its clear shallow waters and soft sand. When you go on a sailing holiday in Sukosan, you can also easily reach Zadar, which boasts a wonderful Old Town and several gorgeous beaches or set sail towards Kornati Islands and Paklenica National Parks to enjoy secluded beaches that can only be reached by boat. 

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    Situated about midway down the Adriatic coast, the Sukosan Marina is the perfect place to begin your sailing holiday in Croatia. When you go on a sailing holiday in Sukosan, we suggest that you cruise the coast and moor in the nearby port of Zadar. You can stop by and anchor up a little further up the coast in Nin. Nin’s golden beaches and transparent waters also provide great opportunities for jet skiing. With all its cultural offerings, water activities and amazing beaches, this coastal city makes an ideal base for a sailing holiday in Dalmatia.

    For diving enthusiasts, head to the diving centre on Zlatna Kuka beach close to the marina. You can also find great opportunities to explore shipwrecks in Kvarner where a sunken Greek cargo shift lies just metres beneath the water’s surface. Another great spot for diving is Lojena Cove, located on the uninhabited island of Levrnaka. Though popular in the summer months, this remote spot - accessible only by boat - is never overcrowded, making it the perfect overnight stop on your Sukosan sailing holiday.

    Coastal town near Sukosan
    Diving near Sukosan

    The main advantage of sailing in Sukosan, is the opportunity for island hopping in the nearby archipelagos. Set sail in Kornati Islands National Park or head further north to explore hidden gems like Losinj island, where you can spot dolphins from its secluded beaches. Closer to Sukosan, you can easily reach Dugi Otok island, which is distinguished by its sandy coves and rugged cliffs.

    For those looking for vibrant nightlife, head to the party island of Silba. Moorings there often fill up in summer months, but if you want to anchor out, you are likely to find space on the southwest bay of Sv. Ante. The nearby quieter island of Olib is the perfect place to brush up on some history while discovering Roman ruins on your Sukosan island hopping trip. Also not to miss is the island of Pašman. Under the radar of most tourists, Pašman provides a quiet retreat as it has for many centuries for the religious community. The island also features many secluded beaches and wonderfully transparent waters - in fact, they're known as some of the cleanest in the Adriatic.

    Catamarans in Sukosan

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    Sukosan enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, meaning that it has mostly mild springs and autumns. The high season is in July and August when temperatures can rise to the 30s. Sea temperatures remain warm throughout the year, rarely dropping below 18 degrees. remaining at around 24 degrees throughout the year.

    The Adriatic is characterised by moderate swells. Expect waves of up to 1.5 metres on the open sea, and tidal swells peaking at a metre. Many of the area’s main attractions are only accessible by boat, making a sailing holiday in Sukosan the best way to explore the Dalmatian coast. There are also countless marinas in the area, and it isn't hard to find anchoring space.

    Sailing in Sukosan
    Bay in Sukosan

    Central Croatia is one of the best sailing spots in the Mediterannean. Though sailing conditions are generally moderate, unpredictable wind patterns can occur, and the bora winds blow strong gusts. The rocky coastline and narrow marina and harbour entrances can also make navigation a bit tricky in this area and so may be difficult to navigate for the novice sailor. So why not go on a skippered sailing holiday in Sukosan? Only those with a recognised qualifications are allowed to sail in these waters, so if you do decide to book a skipper, you can relax with the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

    Motorboats in Sukosan

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    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Croatia

    Yacht charters on the coast of Croatia

    The nation of 1,000 islands remains one of our top destinations for sailing. Wandering through the winding streets of walled cities, touring the country’s diverse landscapes and savouring the local delicacies and wines in friendly local taverns and picturesque vineyards - do all this and more when you charter a yacht in Croatia. 


    • Incredible beaches
    • Rich cultural heritage
    • Stunning coastal cities

    • Best time to sail
    • Currency
    • Boat base locations
      Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Hvar
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
      Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb
    • Tips
      World Heritage Cities of Split and Dubrovnik, Kornati Islands National Park, party islands of Pag and Hvar