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    Sailing holidays in Zadar

    A Guide to setting sail in Zadar: The heart of the Adriatic

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Zadar

    Experience Dalmatia's stunning beauty, charming coastal towns, and gorgeous beaches while enjoying optimal sailing conditions when you charter a yacht in Zadar. There's plenty to discover in the surrounding area, including the Kornati Islands National Park, which is located just offshore. The archipelago consists of 89 islands and several islets and reefs that are only accessible by boat - all the more reason to rent a boat in Zadar.


    • Ideal sailing conditions
    • Pleasant climate
    • Warm sea temperatures
    • Best time to sail
    • Currency
    • Boat base locations
      Zadar Marina
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
    • Tips
      Kornati Islands, Party Island of Pag, protected lagoon of Nin, Zadar Archipelago
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    Zadar and its surroundings

    Zadar is located in northern Dalmatia along the alluring Adriatic Sea. This famous seaside destination is well served by Zadar Airport, located just 20 minutes from the marina. The airport is served by a number of international airlines, including low-cost carriers. The local currency in Croatia is the kuna, but credit cards and euros are accepted in many establishments. 

    Zadar and the surrounding area is home to several breathtaking beaches and also serves as a great access point to the Kornati Islands. In this group of wild limestone islands, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find your own piece of paradise when you go on a sailing holiday in Zadar. If you are looking for great bars and a vibrant nightlife, head to the nearby island of Pag, which is one of Europe’s most loved party islands.

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    Zadar, Dalmatia
    Old Town of Zadar

    Worth exploring is, of course, the peninsular Old Town of Zadar, which is famous for its beautiful examples of Venetian archicture and Roman ruins. Around the marina and Old Town, you’ll find many seafront restaurants serving everything from BBQ to Croatian seafood specialities such as black risotto with cuttlefish.

    Zadar is also home to an unusual Sea Organ. The organ's music is produced according to the waves of the Adriatic that enter the pipes. If you venture out further along the coast, you can stop off in the fortress towns of Vodice and Sibenik for great restaurants and nightlife.

    Make sure to drop anchor in Nin, a town located on a protected lagoon north of Zadar that boasts 8,000 metres of lovely beaches. The island of Nin is connected by two stone bridges from the mainland. The area has many facilities and offers opportunites for water sports enthusiasts. The national park offshore is also a great area that is world-renowned for diving.

    For diving and water sports enthusiasts, head to Nin.

    Old Town of Zadar
    Town Square

    Catamarans in Zadar

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    Zadar Archipelago
    Zadar Archipelago

    Although it is an ideal base, when you start your sailing holiday in Zadar you’ll most likely want to venture out towards the many islands that lie just beyond the mainland. Start island hopping in Zadar around Kornati Islands National Park. The national park consists of 89 limestone islands with beaches, towering cliffs, and quiet bays located less than an hour offshore. As the park’s islands are mostly uninhabited, it's easy to find your own beach hideaway when you go on your sailing trip in Zadar.

    One of the most striking islands within the park is Levrnaka, which is home to extraordinary bays and beaches with calm, turquoise waters, such as those found at Lojena Beach. The Bay of Levrnaka, offers good anchorage and a seasonal restaurant. Meanwhile, Piskera is home to the park's only marina. Don't forget to obtain the required permit before setting sail in Kornati National Park.


    Another ges, seclugreat island hopping spot is the Zadar Archipelago. The long island of Dugi Otok boasts small villaded beaches, dramatic cliffs and a historic lighthouse. Pantera Bay and Saharun are two of the most popular beaches, but you are likely to find a secluded beach as you cruise in Croatia on your own private yacht. A good option for mooring is in the small fishing harbour facing the island of Mežanj. But with a short sail around the island you're sure to find your own favourite spot while sailing around the Zadar Archipelago. 

    venture out towards the many islands that lie just beyond the mainland.

    Coastline surrounding Zadar
    Beach near Zadar

    If you're looking to go on a sailing holiday in Zadar then it's important to consider the wind and weather conditions. The overall climate in the area surrounding Zadar is generally warm and temperate - typical of the Mediterranean. Summer is the best time to set sail and Zadar and enjoy the warm temperatures both on land and in the water. In July and August, its not unheard of that temperatures reach up to the 30s, while the sea temperature stays at around a pleasant 20 degrees in the summer months.

    Zadar enjoys a typically warm Mediterranean climate.

    Adriatic sea near Zadar
    Stunning waters of Zadar
    Beach in Zadar
    Beach near Zadar

    Overall the conditions are just right for a sailing holiday in Zadar, yet the direction of winds is unpredictable at times, and in the summer you may encounter strong gusts from sirocco, a south/southeasterly wind. On a normal sailing day, you can expect the wave swell to peak at around 1.5 meters, though even this is relatively unusual. Make sure to check up-to-date forecasts for an accurate picture.

    Overall the conditions are just right for a boat trip in Zadar

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    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Croatia

    Yacht charters on the coast of Croatia

    The nation of 1,000 islands remains one of our top destinations for sailing. Wandering through the winding streets of walled cities, touring the country’s diverse landscapes and savouring the local delicacies and wines in friendly local taverns and picturesque vineyards - do all this and more when you charter a yacht in Croatia. 


    • Incredible beaches
    • Rich cultural heritage
    • Stunning coastal cities

    • Best time to sail
    • Currency
    • Boat base locations
      Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Hvar
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
      Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb
    • Tips
      World Heritage Cities of Split and Dubrovnik, Kornati Islands National Park, party islands of Pag and Hvar