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    Sailing holidays in Lavrion

    A Guide to setting sail in Lavrion: Gateway to the Cyclades

    Sailing from Lavrion

    Lavrion is located to the south of Athens with easy access to several of the beautiful Cycladic and Eastern Aegean islands. Lavrion's marina is one of the three major ports in Athens and can easily be reached from the airport. The city is just a quick 30-minute drive from Athens International Airport. You can also take the suburban KTEL bus line, which stops over briefly in Markopoulo.

    The several small beaches in the area, such as Asimakis Beach and Passalimani Beach, will offer you plenty of rest and relaxation before you begin your own private boat tour from Lavrion. While temperatures in this region remain pleasant year round, the summer months from May to September promise the best beach weather. When going on a sailing holiday in Lavrion, make sure to take out some euros, as cash is the most common method of payment in the area.

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    Sailboats in Lavrion

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    Korissia in Kea

    In recent years, Lavrion, once a sleepy little village, has become a bustling hub of tavernas, shops, and seaside cafes. Before checking-in to your boat holiday in Lavrion, enjoy fresh calamari at seafront restaurants like Olga or Da Vittorio on the waterfront. Nearby is Kea, a gorgeous island where many Athenians take advantage of its great hiking trails. You can also easily reach the small but beautiful Asimakis Beach or the more secluded Panormos Beach from your sailing yacht in Lavrion.

    In recent years, Lavrion, once a sleepy little village, has become a bustling hub of tavernas, shops, and seaside cafes.

    Not far from the Lavrion marina from which you can start your sailing holiday is the Koundouros reef, where divers can see shipwrecks and exotic fish. Here, you can visit the wreck of the HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic. If you prefer snorkelling, the crystal clear waters will give you some excellent views of the reef’s marine life. If you feel like taking a break from the sea and exploring the island on foot, dock at Kea and follow one of the hiking trails that border the beautiful coastline.

    the crystal clear waters will give you some excellent views of the reef’s marine life.

    Aponissos beach in Greece
    Aponissos beach

    Catamarans in Lavrion

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    Sailing from Lavrion also makes it easy to visit the islands of Kythnos and Syros. On Kythnos, visit the charming village of Chora and see its traditional stone houses. On Syros, wander up through the winding streets of Ano Syra to visit the cathedral overlooking the village. Once you go on your sailing holiday in Lavrion, you can sail to some of the most popular and charming Cycladic islands, such as Santorini, Amorgos, and Sifnos.

    Being able to explore secluded, hidden coves, and beaches at your own pace is one of the many joys of a sailing in Lavrion. After a day of discovery, toast to the night on the deck of your yacht under the starry Mediterranean sky.

    Sailboats sailing in Greece
    Sailing in Greece

    Lavrion marina has been used by sailors for thousands of years, thanks to its sheltered location, which is ideal for mooring and makes it the perfect spot to start your sailing holiday from. The waters around Lavrion are calm and ideal for sailing. In this region, the ‘Meltemi’ wind prevails from the beginning of July to mid-August. Meltemi is a strong and dry northern wind that is most prominent during the afternoon hours. This wind brings cool air and good visibility, although strong gusts may pick up without warning. The tidal range in this area is small, usually between 0.4-0.6 meters (1-2feet). Air temperatures in the summer range from the high 20s to the mid-30s, while the average water temperature is 27°C.

    The waters around Lavrion are calm and ideal for sailing.

    Lavrion is an excellent starting point for island hopping in the Cyclades. Sailing conditions around the Cyclades are generally pretty calm, except for those moments when the Meltemi winds are active. Experienced skippers, which you can book along with your sailing holiday in Lavrion, know how to handle unexpected weather and can help to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.

    Kea, the closest island to Lavrion, is safe to approach from almost all areas except Koundouros, where the reef is sometimes not visible. At Vourkari, the main marina for sailing holidays in Lavrion, you can berth free of charge either offshore or at the quay. Korissia is the island's main port, but is not generally used by yachts. Athens has other main ports, such as Athens Marina and Mare Marina, but fees are required.

    Gulet in Greece

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Greece

    Yachtcharter Griechenland

    Charter a yacht in Greece and experience the beauty and wonders of a nation made up of 6,000 islands and over 13,500 km of inspiring coastline. Meander from island to island, stopping for a swim in the gorgeous bays or to discover ancient ruins before catching the breeze to sail to your next destination.


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