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    Sailing holidays in Italy

    A guide to setting sail in Italy: Experience la dolce vita

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Italy

    Cruising the enchanting waters of the Mediterranean and Adriatic on a chartered yacht in Italy is an experience like no other. Exquisite cuisine, stunning coastal landscapes, beautiful beaches and a wealth of cultural and natural wonders- it’s hard not to fall in love with the “Bel Paese”. The calm waters surrounding the penninsula and excellent wind conditions around the islands also make Italy an ideal destination for both experienced and novice sailors. 


    • Diverse coastlines and islands
    • World famous museums, artworks and historic sites 
    • Stunning secluded, rugged and long sandy beaches
    • Best time to sail
      May - September
    • Currency
    • Boat base locations
      Naples, Amalfi (Salerno), Reggio di Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Elba
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
      Rome (FCO, CIA), Palermo Catania Fontanarossa (CTA), Palermo (PMO), Naples (NAP), Genova (GOA), Reggio Calabria (REG)
    • Tips
      Ruins of Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, La Maddalena Archipelago in Sardinia, volcanic Aeolian Islands, beaches of Calabria
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    Sailing in Italy

    Whether you are looking for a romantic or luxurious sailing trip along the Amalfi Coast or a family adventure in Sicily, you’ll be able to enjoy and explore the best of Italy’s beaches, historic towns and natural wonders on a sailing holiday in Italy. While the peak season for sailing in Italy is during the months of July and August, the best time to start your sailing holiday is during the quieter, yet warm and sunny summer months of May, June, and September. 

    With Zizoo, you can choose from a variety of marinas along the Italian peninsula and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Due to the popularity of Italy as a sailing holiday destination, the marina infrastructure is well developed, and marinas can be reached easily by public transport or taxi from nearby airports. Some of Italy's major airports are located in the cities of Rome, Palermo, Catania, Naples, Genova and Reggio Calabria (REG). As part of the EU, Italy's currency is the euro. Make sure to check if you need a visa before making travel plans. 


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    view of St Mark's Basilica in Venice
    St Mark's Basilica

    Sailing holidays in Italy often include hotspots such as Sardinia, Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, the Tuscan Islands, and the Amalfi Coast. Each sailing destination offers something unique to sailors in terms of culture, landscapes and sea conditions, but the best part about going on a sailing holiday in Italy is that you can visit some incredible destinations that can only be accessed by boat.

    Highlights of a sailing holiday in Italy include Venice, once a key maritime centre in Europe. This dreamlike city of palaces, gondolas and blown glass is best approached from your own vessel. Tour the magnificent sites in St. Mark’s Square before wandering off in the small streets and across small bridges as you discover the beauty of one of the world’s most beloved cities.

    Start your sailing holiday in the Gulf of Naples and tour the famous Amalfi Coast by boat, the best way to discover the World Heritage designated coastline. Distinguished by its towering cliffs, colourful towns and lemon tree groves, the Amalfi Coast will capture you with its charm and allure. Visit the perfectly preserved ancient Roman city of Pompeii, wander through the coastal towns and try a glass of limoncello at the end of your meal in a traditional trattoria.

    In addition to visiting historic sites and villages, you'll have plenty of opportunities to tour vineyards and enjoy the land's gastronomic delights while on a sailing holiday in Italy. The country also offers many opportunities for sports enthusiasts. Go for a hike up to a volcano in the Aeolian Islands, snorkel through the crystal clear waters of Sardina's archipelago or catch a glimpse of Italy's underwater life in Calabria. 

    Ruins of Pompeii

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    view of Amalfi from dock

    Cruise along the 50km coastline without the hassle of tour buses, cruise ships and winding roads. A sailing holiday in Italy wouldn't be complete without a trip to the famous island of Capri. Home to the Blue Grotto, a natural wonder where you can dive and swim when the tide is low, Capri is a legendary destination, beloved by artists, celebrities and local Italians alike. It has been the setting and a source of inspiration for many artistic works, including a piece by Debussy and novels by Graham Greene and Somerset Maugham.

    Further south, you can rent a boat in Reggio di Calabria. A great starting point to reach Sicily, the area surrounding Reggio di Calabria is an amazing area for sailing. Sail along the calm sea to visit enchanting coves and long stretches of sandy beaches along the rugged coastline. Not to miss is the beautiful beach of Tropea and the sea caves of Dino Island.

    Set sail and explore Sardinia's exquisite coastline, stopping to enjoy authentic cuisine with locals in hidden beachside hamlets. From Portisco sail north to La Maddalena Archipelago, which provides excellent cruising grounds, gorgeous beaches and wild landscapes. You may also want to check out the chic Porto Cervo along the Costa Smeralda or the historic capital of Cagliari in the south. In the evening, gaze at the stars, unimpeded by the glare and bustle of the city as you settle in for the night on your own private yacht.

    Italy's diverse regions and geographic characteristics provide a little something for everyone. Fantastic beaches, architectural and artistic wonders, glamorous nightlife and breathtaking landscapes along the coast and countryside are just a few things to take in consideration when planning an itinerary for your next sailing holiday in Italy.

    Porto-Venere in La Spezia, Italy
    Porto Venere in La Spezia
    view of the volcano on island of Stromboli

    Enjoy great weather and sea temperatures when you spend a sailing holiday in Italy. The sea is warm from June to September, with the air temperature consistently in the twenties, if not above. The peak holiday time in Italy is in August. The beaches are full of locals and holiday goers especially during Italy’s holiday, Ferragosto, on the 15 August.

    Italy’s diverse coastline means you will have plenty of options for sailing. If you opt for a sailing around the Amalfi Coast, you’ll find ideal sailing conditions with light winds in the morning. Around Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, you’ll find pleasant winds and sea breezes throughout the summer, while sudden gusts are not unheard of in the spring and early summer. Experienced sailors will enjoy cruising around the stunning island of Sardinia in late spring and summer when the winds are less strong.

    With warm weather and warmer people, sailing holidays in Italy offer an ideal atmosphere for teaching less experienced crew and children the ropes. When renting a boat in Italy, you’ll find that the areas surrounding many of the islands, especially those around Tuscany, offer easy sailing for novice sailors. Around Tuscany and Sardinia, make sure to watch out for lobster pots and shallow depths – both can creep up quickly if you aren't accustomed to sailing in smaller bays. Additionally, it’s a good idea to reserve moorings in popular ports ahead of time. If you’d like to put your feet up and relax on your vacation, book a skipper along with your Zizoo sailing holiday for peace of mind.

    It's good to remember that berths can get busy during the summer months so it's best to reserve your mooring in the popular marinas. 

    View of the island of Elba in Tuscany, Italy
    Island of Elba, Tuscany