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    Sailing holidays in Fethiye

    A Guide to setting sail in Fethiye: Sail the Turkish Riviera

    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Fethiye

    Enjoy some of the best sailing waters in Turkey when you charter a yacht in Fethiye. Fethiye offers a fantastic base for exploring the nearby islands and other coastal cities such as Bodrum. Discover ancient ruins, lovely beaches and inspiring coastlines as your cruise along the Turkish Riviera.


    • Ancient history including rock tombs and ruins
    • The Castle of St. Peter in Bodrum
    • Gorgeous beaches and lagoons
    • Best time to sail
      June – October
    • Currency
      Turkish Lira
    • Boat base locations
      Fethiye, Bodrum, Dalaman, Mamaris
    • Languages spoken
      Turkish, English
    • Closest airports
      Dalaman (DLM)
    • Tips
      Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon, Aegean Islands, Ancient City of Kadyanda
    Sailing in Fethiye

    When going on a sailing holiday in Fethiye, you’ll be able to discover the Turkish Riviera and nearby islands surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Turkey enjoys long summers with a sailing season that lasts from May through October. A number of nearby marinas are available including Fethiye Ece, Yes Marina and Milta Bodrum. You’ll also find a number of other harbours around the islands.

    Fethiye is to the south-west of Turkey, nestled at the foot of a mountain range. The nearest airport is in Dalaman, a 45-minute drive away. An airport shuttle will take you right into Fethiye, but taxis are also quite affordable if preferred. You’ll need a tourist visa to enter the country, which costs just $20USD and can be paid in cash when you arrive, or beforehand online. The currency is the Turkish Lira,

    Sailboats in Fethiye

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    lycian tombs carved into the rocks in Dalyan, Turkey
    Amintas Rock Tombs

    Explore some of Turkey's ancient monuments set against a backdrop of stunning tree-lined cities. Visit the stunning Amintas Rock Tombs which are over 2,400 years old. The walk takes you uphill through picturesque landscapes that end with the tombs and a spectacular view of the area. Also see the Lycian Sarcophagi displayed around the town’s main streets.

    Kadyanda is a 2,500-year-old city, just 24km away, with Roman baths and an amphitheatre. Back at Fethiye, relax at Girida Restaurant or Mancero Kitchen for a taste of fresh Turkish seafood. The town has a lively nightlife scene with Scarlett Arena Club and NIL Bar Restaurant, right on the water and easily accessible from your charter boat.

    Near Fethiye is Ölüdeniz with the spectacular warm waters of its Blue Lagoon, known locally as the second Dead Sea for its absolute stillness and serenity. For an adrenaline rush, try paragliding from the top of Mount Babadağ.

    Right at the heart of Fethiye is the Hillside Beach Resort where you can enjoy scuba diving, wakeboarding and archery, or simply relaxing with a luxurious spa treatment between boat trips. Not far from the coast here is the Greek island of Faliraki, a popular party spot, and the island of Rhodes, which offers tranquil beaches far from the revelling crowds. You see you don't have to spend your sailing holiday in Fethiye exclusively on your boat. There is much that the land and water have to offer.

    Near Fethiye is Ölüdeniz with the spectacular warm waters of its Blue Lagoon

    paragliders high above a bay in Turkey
    Paragliding in Turkey

    Catamarans in Fethiye

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    Ölüdeniz beach with beach chairs and umbrellas
    Ölüdeniz Beach

    Ece Saray Marina at Fethiye and the surrounding area is well equipped for sailing holidays in Turkey. Relax with a spa treatment at the resort before beginning your boat holidays around the Turkish Riviera. Sailing along the coast to Bodrum, you’ll pass several lovely peninsulas off the Turkish coast. From Fethiye, sail sourth to the nearby seaside resort of Ölüdeniz.

    Don’t miss a trip to Butterfly Valley, a little further south from Ölüdeniz. The nature reserve is not only known for its diverse species of butterflies, rather its secluded bay is absolutely breathtaking. Surrounded by steep cliffs, the beach of Butterfly Valley is best accessed by boat.

    If making day trips from Fethiye, you can spend the night in the marina or simply anchor in Fethiye Bay, offering depths of 10 to 15 metres. You’ll find the major ports around here are similarly well provisioned. The larger ones offer overnight mooring if you’d like to spend some time taking in the varied scenery and culture of each individual island. This is an experience available only to those who embark on a sailing holiday in Turkey.

    You can also easily explore the Aegean Islands, which meet Greece, such as Tilos, Nikia and Kos. Kos Marina makes a great stopping point with historic sites, including the Asklepion, and tranquil beaches. Also, don't miss nearby Nisyros - a beautiful volcanic island.

    You’ll find the major ports around here are similarly well provisioned.

    small seaside resort and boats in Rhodes, Greece
    Rhodes, Greece
    boats in Fethiye's harbour in Turkey
    Port in Fethiye

    Around the Turkish end of the Aegean Sea, the climate is typical of the Mediterranean with great weather in the summer. The north-westerly Meltemi winds dominating here and is at its strongest in the late afternoon, so resting at port by midday is a good idea if you’d like to enjoy the calmest conditions that still allow for fine sailing. Expect gentle wind speeds of about 5km per hour or so in the summer. Currents generally don't exceed 1.2 knots, and wave heights sometimes push above a metre, up to 1.5 metres at the absolute extreme.

    Around the Turkish end of the Aegean Sea, the climate is Mediterranean with great weather in the summer.

    Air temperatures are about 30°C in the summer with water temperatures of about 20°C or more. Entering and exiting Fethiye is relatively simple. Be wary around the Dikilitas Reef about 1 nautical mile from Bodrum to the west, and of some strong gusts between the islands, especially at Cape Kum at Patmos near Kos. For a more relaxed holiday, book a skipper together with your Fethiye sailing holiday from Zizoo.

    Turkey's 8,400-kilometre coastline makes it a haven for sailing.

    golden coast of the French Riviera
    French Riviera at sunset

    Gulets in Fethiye

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    Zizoo's Guide to Sailing in Turkey

    Once you experience a sailing holiday in Turkey on the southwest coast – appropriately nicknamed the ‘Turquoise Coast’ – you’ll develop a lifelong passion for this special place. Discover the incomparable beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas on your Turkey yacht charter as you sail past the country's stunning coast where remains of ancient civilizations testify the country's importance as the meeting point between east and west. 


    • Crystal clear waters and pristine beaches
    • Lively markets and historic villages
    • Ancient ruins and cultural sites

    • Best time to sail
    • Currency
      Turkish Lira
    • Boat base locations
      Istanbul, Bodrum, Dalaman, Göcek
    • Languages spoken
    • Closest airports
      Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum, and Dalaman
    • Tips
      Butterfly valley, bustling capital of Istanbul, snorkelling in Hidayet Bay