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    Exclusive concierge service available across Croatia

    Exclusively available for our yacht charters in Croatia, The Zizoo Experience provides the final touch to make your dream boat holiday a reality. Our dedicated team of boat holiday experts will make sure you will have the trip of a lifetime. 


    The Zizoo crew aboard a sailing yacht

    Experience the joy of luxury sailing when you book a boat in Croatia with Zizoo. Enjoy sipping wine from the Croatian islands as you cruise the coast in style. Savour the taste of specially prepared honey, which, along with our treats, can be found in our Welcome Package that awaits you at the marina.

    Before the trip, we will provide you with insider tips and recommendations for your sailing holiday in Croatia. Want to know where you can find the best beaches? Looking for a place to party in Hvar? No problem. Our team of experienced sailors and travel experts will make sure that you and your crew have everything you need to plan your trip in Croatia including sailing routes, packing tips and city guides. 

    Indulge yourself this year. Choose from two different packages that are only available to our clients who book in Croatia. 


    Welcome Package

    Upgrade your boat holiday in Croatia with the Zizoo Welcome Package. Surprise your family and friends at the marina with fun and stylish nautical t-shirts for the whole crew and prepare for your trip with our expertly created guide. The Welcome Package also includes an exclusive Zizoo card, which you can use to get special discounts in bars and restaurants throughout Dalmatia. 

    Valued at €99, the Zizoo Welcome Package includes:

    • Zizoo t-shirts
    • Zizoo tote bag
    • Exclusive Zizoo Guide to Sailing in Croatia
    • Discounts at bars and restaurants near your check-in location
    Zizoo crew member helping clients board their yacht

    Deluxe Package

    Add a touch of style and luxury to your boat holiday in Croatia. In addition to the Zizoo Welcome Package items, the Deluxe Experience includes special Croatian specialities you can enjoy onboard, personalised tips for your trip and more.  

    Valued at €299 Euros, the Zizoo Deluxe Package includes:

    • Zizoo t-shirts and tote bag
    • Exclusive Zizoo Guide to Sailing in Croatia
    • Organised airport/hotel transfer upon request
    • A selection of Croatian wine
    • Products by the Croatian honey and cosmetic specialist, Radovan Petrović
    • Discounts at bars and restaurants near your check-in location
    • Personal concierge available upon request

    Speak to your boat holiday expert about upgrading your Croatia yacht charter with the Zizoo Welcome or Deluxe Package or call this number now. 


    • Europe: +44 800-151-0165

    • USA: +1 888-745-7298