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    Over Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik is an breathtakingly beautiful classic Croatian city, and choosing this destination as part of your Croatian sailing trip – whether it your first visit or your tenth – will not disappoint. Our Dubrovnik travel guide will bring you one step closer to your dream sailing holiday in Croatia.

    Nicknamed the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik sits on the most southern tip of the Croatian coastline. Dubrovnik is a fantastic starting point for sailing around the southern Adriatic coast and exploring nearby islands, namely Elaphite islands, Korcula, Pelješac and Mljet.

    For centuries, the city of Dubrovnik has been a hub of cultural development, discovered early on by celebrities and the elite as the place to visit during the summer months. It possesses unique, marbled buildings and a Baroque architecture, and the interplay of light and stone displayed throughout the streets is one of the most alluring sights along the coast.

    Although Dubrovnik was nearly ruined in the tragic Siege of 1991, the Croatian city bounced back with characteristic strength and became one of the world’s most sailed to destinations. Since then, Dubrovnik has been enchanting visitors from all over the seas.



    Dubrovnik has a fascinating history, a thriving nightlife, gorgeous beaches and a coast that is fantastic for sailing. Dubrovnik is surrounded by fantastic city walls, which run 2km long and are talked about all around the world. As you stroll around the city you’ll be inspired by these ancient city walls that have sheltered and protected this sophisticated republic for centuries. Visitors are even able to walk along the tops of the walls of Old Town and gaze down upon the city’s narrow streets and terracotta rooftops. There are three entrances: on Stradun by the Pile gate, by Fort Saint John’s and at the Custom’s House gate.

    Dubrovnik’s Stradun is the thriving centre of the city, with its many shops, cafés and restaurants. Paved by white limestone, which dates back to the mid 1400s, this pedestrian street runs 300m long and is surrounded by the historical city walls. Luza Square, located at the end of the Stradun, is the home of the impressive Sponza Palace, St Blaise Church, and the city Bell Tower.

    The atmosphere of the city during the summer months is unlike any other. The restaurants, bars and clubs are packed with elated tourists, arriving from all parts of the sea, and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, held each year since 1949, draws in huge crowds every July and August.

    Its museums are filled with local art and artefacts that trace the rise and fall of the history of Dubrovnik and are located all around town. Take a revamped cable car up to Mount Srd to see the fortress and large cross and experience a full panoramic of the city’s vast expanse of historical architecture and the views out across the glorious Adriatic. Or, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, cliff diving is a popular activity for adrenaline seeking visitors during the summer months. Alternatively, just outside Old Town you can unwind, bask in the rays of sunshine and catch the glorious sunset at the popular Banje beach.


    How to get there

    Dubrovnik is easily accessed from its own airport, which is situated about 20km south of the city centre. Most cities within Europe have connecting flights to Dubrovnik airport and, from there, Croatia airlines operates bus transfers between the airport and the main bus station in Kantafig, which is about 2km outside Dubrovnik’s Old Town. You can also take a taxi from the Airport. Dubrovnik is also well connected to all other Croatian cities by bus route. The drive from Split to Dubrovnik is a lovely scenic tour through Croatia’s gorgeous coastal towns, but it can get very congested during the summer, so alternatively, you can take the A1 motorway.


    Renting your own boat and sailing Croatia is certainly the best way to do it; you’ve got the freedom to choose your own destinations and have the ability to explore the many gorgeous quiet islands off the coast. And Dubrovnik is the perfect base to set sail from on your week exploring Croatia. So grab a bunch of friends, book one of our many boats in Dubrovnik and, before you know, you’ll be exhausting yourself retracing the city’s history and plunging into its sparkling blue waters.

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