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    Over Primosten

    Primosten is a small town located on the central Croatian coast, about 18km south of Sibenik, and is known as one of the most photogenic destinations along this stretch of coast. The small circular peninsula of Primosten, which was once an island connected to the mainland by a bridge, is now one of the most popular tourist resorts in Dalmatia. This picturesque Mediterranean fishing town, with its narrow streets and small houses, is an ideal stopping point on your sailing holiday in Croatia as you cruise along the stunning stretch of coast from Sibenik to Split.



    Primosten is known for its beautiful, long pebbly beaches, the most famous being Velika Raduca Beach, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. With only a small entrance to the sea, Raduca Beach is protected and popular with those who enjoy tennis, volleyball, shoreline bars and restaurants and just generally lounging in the glorious sunshine on one of the beach’s colourful deckchairs.

    During the summer, Primosten really comes to life with its local festivals and entertainment, including the Primosten Fiesta, fishing evenings and folklore and Dalmatian folk music displays.

    Primosten is surrounded by a beautiful promenade that runs the length of its Old Town walls. Primosten is a relaxing resort town with few notable sights to see, but strolling through the narrow medieval streets of Old Town and relaxing in a local café by the seaside is more than enough to keep you entertained.

    One of the most stunning features of Primosten’s Old Town is the parish church of St. Juraj, which was built in 1485 on the highest point of Primosten. Some other interesting monuments to check out include St. Roko Church, built in 1680, the image of Our Lady of Loreto and the Church of Our Lady of Grace, constructed in 1553.

    For those looking for some local entertainment, the Aurora dance club is one of the most popular on the Adriatic. Split between two levels, Aurora has three dance floors, six bars, an open-air dance floor, a chill-out room and a swimming pool. And for those looking for something really different, just off the coast, only a short sail away, lies the island of Smokvica, where, if you’re looking for an escape from the busy resorts and beaches of Primosten, the nudist beach on the island of Smokvica will do it for you.

    One of our top tips while in Primosten is a tasting of the famous local red wine, Babic, which is produced from the endemic grapes in the famous vineyards of Primosten. A tour of the Primosten wine trail and local cuisine is a great experience while in this gorgeous coastal Croatian town.


    How to get there

    Primosten sits about 40km from Split airport and about 100km from Zadar airport. Bus services are available from Split (about an hour ride), Trogir and Sibenik, or, if you’re driving, you can take the A1 motorway, exit at Sibenik/Knin-Drnis/Primosten and after a 30km drive on the E65 you’ll arrive in Primosten.


    Picturesque Primosten is a beautiful and relaxing destination to stop in on your sailing holiday in Croatia. So charter a boat now and set sail towards it’s beautiful pebbled beaches, shallow waters and relaxing Croatian vibe.

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