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Frequently asked questions

  • How much does a boat in Mallorca cost per day?
    Of course, it might depend on the type of boat and season. In Mallorca, it costs about 1.500€ - 7.000€ per week to rent a sailboat. A catamaran costs about 3.000€ - 21.000€ for a week. RIBs are also popular for daily rentals in Mallorca with prices starting at 155€ per day, together with motorboats and speedboats where motorboats' prices start at 250€ per day and speedboats' prices start at 170€ per day.
  • What does a skippered boat cost in Mallorca?
    A skipper costs about 1.400€ per week. A sailboat costs about 1.500€ - 7.000€ per week in Mallorca, for a catamaran about 3.000€ - 21.000€. The cost of the skipper is considered an extra fee on top of the boat cost. The captain (skipper) will take care of the itinerary, mooring and casting off, keeping everyone safe, navigating the boat, ensuring maritime laws and local regulations, operating the equipment and recommending local spots to visit. Additionally, you can book a complete crew with a hostess and a chef to have the freedom to fully enjoy your private yachting experience.
  • What license do I need for a boat in Mallorca?
    For boats of more than 5 meters (16 feet) and for sailing boats of more than 6 meters (20 feet) with a performance of more than 15 HP a skipper license is needed in Spain. If you want to steer a boat in Mallorca, you need the sports boat license for the lake.

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