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Florida's crown jewel, Miami boasts a blend of modern cityscape with pristine beaches, a major cruise port, and a vibrant nightlife, all on the Atlantic coast.
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Sailing Guide Miami

Charter a yacht in Miami for an unforgettable sailing vacation. Known for its impressive skyline, city beach and parties, Miami is the perfect sailing destination for anyone who wants to relax and take a break from their everyday life. Whether you just want to party on a boat for a week, enjoy a stunning sunset or discover the surrounding areas, renting a yacht in Miami is a great way to start your sailing vacation. To really go for the glitzy Miami experience, we would recommend a luxury yacht rental in Miami.

Things to do and see when sailing in Miami

Miami might be most famous for the crazy parties, but the city has way more to offer than that.

Activities in Miami

  • Rent a sailboat in Miami to make the most of the perfect weather conditions
  • The Wynwood Walls could probably be called an outdoor museum, because the graffitis you can find here are truly a work of art
  • Go shopping in the Bayside Marketplace and don’t worry it’s not a regular shopping center. It is an outdoor shopping center so that you get to enjoy the beautiful weather while going on a shopping spree. We are sure you will find a nice outfit that you can present on your boat rental the next day
  • Want to discover some amazing contemporary art? Visit the Pérez Art Museum Miami
  • Sunbathe on one of Miami’s various city beaches. Take a break from sailing and focus on your relaxation
  • The Dolphin Mall invites you to do all things fun. Shopping, bowling and a theater await you in Miami’s west.
  • Interested in watching a basketball game. Maybe you’re lucky and you get to see a match in the FTX Arena while you’re here on your sailing vacation
  • Sail to “The Christ of the Abyss” statue in Key Largo, which is only accessible by boat
  • Discover some of Miami’s hidden beaches. Sail to Bahia Honda, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park or North Shore Open Space Park to escape the craziness of the city for a few hours or days
  • Plan a bunch of water sport activities in Key West, South of Miami. You can easily get there by boat
  • Visit the Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science for some interactive learning
  • A perfect outing for families is the Miami Children's Museum where children can explore, discover and learn more about the world around them.
  • The Cape Florida Lighthouse is not just a stunning sight during sunset, but has a fascinating history which you can learn more about on a guided tour
  • Admire the many plants and trees in the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. This little piece of paradise is more than a beautiful park, its main purpose is the preservation of rare tropical plants and trees
  • Matheson Hammock Park & Marina is a stunning park filled with palm trees that make it look like it was ripped out of a magazine and placed here
  • Tired of lying in the sun on deck your boat rental all day long? Head to Margaret Pace Park for a walk or a run
  • Windsurfing is one of the most fun activities awaiting you in Miami. Go out to Hobie Island Beach Park, which is a popular spot for the sport

Beaches in Miami

  • Lummus Park Beach is probably not the most beautiful beach there is, but it brings you 90ies flashbacks. This location has also been used as a filming location in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Trip. The outdoor cinema in Lummus Park is a must if you are in Miami between July and November.
  • Nikki Beach is one of the top rated beach clubs in Miami and the surrounding areas
  • South Pointe Park Pier is loved by both tourists and locals who come here to enjoy a sunny day by the beach.
  • Haulover Beach might not be the most beautiful beach, but it offers a lot of diversity. From family-friendly spots over the dog part of the beach to the nudist section, you can find everything here.
  • Bahia Honda is one of the islands of the Florida Keys, taking you away from the hustle and bustle of Miami. Head here for a quiet day out and enjoy a sunny day by the beach with a book and a big picnic.

Restaurants in Miami

Casual dining in Miami:

  • Silverlake Bistro: A classic, casual American diner in North Miami that offers juicy burgers and crispy fries. Bring your friends for a mouthwatering dinner.
  • Fiorito: This Argentinian restaurant is a family-run business offering tasty steaks, delicious empanadas and Panqueques that are to die for. After a long day out at sea, having a ribeye steak for dinner will refuel your energy.

Beach restaurants in Miami:

  • Wet Willie's: Located in South Beach, this restaurant offers the best sea views. Come for happy hour between 4-8pm. It is always packed and perfect for a night out with a bite to eat. Try the spinach artichoke dip and the chicken tenders.
  • Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine Ocean Drive: Offering more than delicious food and amazing seaside views, this gem is located right in the heart of Miami’s party scene. Enjoy some crispy fries while listening to live music. What more could you ask for after a day out cruising around Miami?

Fine dining in Miami:

  • The Surf Club Restaurant is probably most known for its owner, highly acclaimed chef Thomas Keller. The ambience transports you right back into the 1950s while the food leaves you craving for more in the present.
  • L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, a world famous two Michelin star restaurant, is known for providing an extravagant dining experience. Sneak a peek into the open kitchen while sitting on a counter that resembles those of classic sushi restaurants and tasting exquisite fish dishes or high quality meat.

Bars and Clubs in Miami

Known for its fun party scene, you have to go out at least once in Miami while on your sailing vacation. Head out into one of the chic bars for a drink or dance the night away in one of Miami’s various clubs.

  • Admire the rustic interior of the Lost Boy while sipping on an elegantly hand-crafted cocktail. Definitely worth the visit if you find yourself in downtown Miami.
  • The Sylvester welcomes you with retro vibes, great music and super-friendly staff. Go here for happy hour to grab a drink at the best price.
  • LIV Miami is the most famous club in Miami and is not cheap as various celebs frequent the club’s VIP lounge too.
  • Basement is more than a nightclub. Of course you can dance, but you can also play bowling or try your skills in the ice skating rink.
  • Do Not Sit on The Furniture is, as the name suggests, the perfect place to dance the night away rather than sit down for a drink. Amazing DJs from all around the world frequently play here.

Explore historical Miami

The modern history of Miami begins in 1566 when admiral de Aviles claimed this area of land for Spain, but it has been inhabited by native Americans for more than two thousand years before the first Europeans arrived. One of the interesting facts about the founding of the city is that it is the only bigger city that has been founded by a woman. Find out more about the history in the HistoryMiami Museum. Visit the Vizcaya Museum & gardens, an estate built in 1916, to learn more about what life was like during this period in time in Miami. It is open to visitors from Wednesday to Monday.

Discover mystical Miami

While Miami might not be surrounded by the air of ancient mythology or legends about sailors, there are many modern myths about the city that many of the inhabitants would like people to erase from their minds. It is, for example, commonly believed that the majority of people living here have had plastic surgery - but, believe it or not, most of them have not. Another myth is revolving around Miami as North America’s party capital. Yes, there are plenty of parties, but the residents can’t party 24/7 and most of the places to go out are restaurants, not bars or nightclubs. Sorry to disappoint you. A third myth is in relation to money. A common misconception is the fact that people believe everyone in Miami is rich. Yes, there are plenty of superrich with huge mansions, pools and private luxury yachts, but just like any other city, there are people from all kinds of backgrounds in the city.

Sailing conditions in Miami

The port of Miami is the world’s largest cruise ship port and the gateway to the South Atlantic. So it comes as no surprise that Miami is a popular sailing destination.

The subtropical climate ensures warm weather all year round, meaning that the water temperatures stay warm as well. Due to the ideal wind conditions, renting a sailboat in Miami is often a preferred choice. Sailors enjoy it particularly between late fall and spring. However, be aware of Hurricane season, which starts at the end of summer. It should go without saying that sailing in those conditions can be life threatening.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Miami?

Renting a boat in Miami is not cheap. In the US you pay 200$ per person per day on average for a catamaran. At an average price of 90$ per person per day, speedboats are the cheapest option. However, they are only ideal for a shorter period of time. Renting a motorboat comes at an average price of 467$ per person per day while renting a sailboat comes at an average price of 450$ per person per day.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Miami?

It all depends on the kind of boat vacation you want to experience. Choosing the right boat should all depend on the activities you have planned for your boat trip. Are you looking for the ultimate sailing experience and making the most of the ideal wind conditions? Then renting a sailboat in Miami might be the best choice for you. Are you more in the mood for a relaxed boat holiday with a lot of sunbathing and relaxing on deck? Then a catamaran might be a better option for you.

Rent a catamaran in Miami

Pros of renting a catamaran in Miami

One of the advantages of renting a catamaran in Miami is the fact that these types of boats stand on two hulls rather than a keel. This allows you to sail in shallow waters and anchor closer to the shore. If you want to explore some of the hidden beaches Miami and the surrounding areas have to offer, this will be your ideal boat rental. Head to John D. Macarthur Beach State Park, Matheson Hammock Park or Bahia Honda for some quality time away from the madness of the city. These hidden gems make for a wonderful day trip while on your sailing holiday and sailing here with a catamaran means that you get to anchor closer to the shore.

Another advantage of renting a catamaran is its size. It won’t feel like you’re stuck on a boat while heading for your next destination. They are almost like hotel rooms on water with a better view.

As catamarans are generally quite spacious, they are also perfect for a vacation with a bigger group of friends. A popular catamaran for groups is Catamaran St. Francis 50 which is available in Fort Lauderdale, north of Miami. It offers enough space for up to 10 people. If none of you have experience sailing a boat or lack the necessary requirements of renting a boat in the State of Florida, you can always charter this catamaran with a captain. A cool feature on this boat is the barbecue. What more could you ask for on a sailing holiday with your friends?

Cons of renting a catamaran in Miami

While the size of a catamaran can be considered an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage at times. Mooring at one of the marinas could become a problem during high season as the ports can get super busy. The size of a catamaran might come with difficulties to find a spot at a marina. It might also come with a price. As they need more space than other types of water vehicles, you might have to pay extra.

Rent a catamaran in Miami

Rent a sailboat in Miami

Pros of renting a sailboat in Miami

As the wind conditions in Miami are ideal for sailing, real sailing enthusiasts will opt for chartering a sailboat in Miami rather than another type of water vessel. In ideal wind conditions, you can even charter a sailboat to head all the way to the Bahamas. This would be trickier with another type of water vessel.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Miami

One of the downsides of renting a sailboat in Miami is the fact that the keel can make it difficult to explore some of the more remote beaches and bays. The keel is simply not made for sailing in shallow waters. Another disadvantage is the lack of space on deck. As the sailboat is made for sailing, the deck needs to be fully equipped for all circumstances. This leaves little room for a space to relax on deck.

A popular sailboat in Miami is Sailboat Island Packet 370 which offers space for up to 6 people and comes with a captain who navigates the boat while you enjoy your sailing experience. Located in the Dinner Key Marina in Miami, it is easy to get there.

Another disadvantage of a sailboat charter can be the fact that you are depending on the wind in order to sail. If there is a quiet period during the day, when the wind suddenly stops blowing, it could mean that you get stuck in open water. This can be very frustrating.

Rent a sailboat in Miami

Rent a motorboat in Miami

Pros of renting a motorboat in Miami

Renting a motorboat in Miami comes with a lot of upsides. Motorboats are fast, meaning that you can go from A to B in a short period of time. Especially in a place like Miami, speed seems to matter greatly. Depending on the type of motorboat you want to rent, you can find very luxurious options in Miami - making them the perfect choice for a week of sailing. The Motorboat Ferretti 880 for example is a luxurious motorboat with 4 bedrooms and bathrooms, offering space for up to 12 people. With a boat like that, the crew is complementary and takes care of your every need.

Another positive aspect of chartering a motorboat in Miami is the space you have on deck. Unlike sailboats, you can enjoy almost the full space.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Miami

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in Miami is the fact that motorboats need a full tank in order to move. With increasing fuel prices, this can become very cost intensive.

Another downside could be the noise. Motorboats can become super noisy which can feel disruptive on a relaxed sailing vacation in Miami.

Rent a motorboat in Miami

Charter a luxury yacht in Miami

Charter a luxury yacht in Miami to get the full Miami experience. After all, Miami is all about luxury, parties and showing off your wealth. What better way to do so than with a private luxury yacht charter? Motorboat Lazzara 84 Flybridge is one of those popular luxurious yachts in Miami. With a length of 25 meters, 5 cabins and 5 bathrooms it is the perfect yacht for a group of 10 friends. The best part? A professional crew as well as a jacuzzi is already waiting for you on board.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Miami?

As Miami is the capital of the state of Florida, it falls under the rules and regulations of the state. Florida offers so-called Boating Safety Education Identification Cards instead of a traditional boat license. If you want to rent a boat with 10hp or more and are born on or after January 1, 1988, you are required to carry this identification card. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot rent a boat in the State of Florida.

You can get the Boating Safety Education Identification Card by completing a Boating Safety Course. You have the option to do this online or in person with costs ranging from completely free to 50$. Claim your Boating Safety Education Identification Card within 90 days of completion and voila, you are now officially able to rent a boat in Florida. Just beware: This identification card might replace the boating license in the State of Florida, but won’t be valid in other states and countries.

Rent a boat with a skipper or captain in Miami

Don’t want to go through the hassle of obtaining a boat license? Simply want to enjoy a sailing vacation without worrying about operating a water vehicle? Rent a skippered yacht in Miami. Many of the luxury yacht rentals come with a crew when booking your sailing vacation anyway.

Sailing routes in Miami

The Bahamas are only 50 miles away from Miami, making it the perfect destination for a sailing adventure starting in the party capital of Florida.

If you prefer to sail alongside Florida, you can go on a week-long sailing adventure along the Florida keys, including Key Largo, Layton, Boca Chita, Marathon and Key West. Stop by the locations you want to see the most before heading to the next destination the next day. Key West is not just the southernmost point of the US, but is also the perfect destination for watersports.

Sailing Locations in Miami

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