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Discover Italy's lively port of Salerno, where medieval history and Tyrrhenian wonders invite. Sail with a skilled captain to uncover ancient castles, hidden grottoes, and the artistic heritage of the Amalfi Coast.

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Sailing Guide Salerno

Charter a yacht in Salerno to enjoy the sunny Mediterranean, have fun and go on an amazing sailing adventure. Discover hidden beaches, cute little fishing villages close by and many of the city’s historical sites and eateries. Enjoy untouched beaches and stunning natural wonders that are just a stone’s throw away from Salerno. It is incredibly easy to reach all these amazing places by boat.

Things to do and see when sailing in Salerno

Sailing around Salerno can be a lot of fun - the many tourists the city welcomes each year are proof of that. As Salerno is one of the most popular destinations in the south of Italy, you can enjoy various outdoor activities as well as delicious traditional Italian food.

Activities in Salerno

  • Visit Salerno Cathedral to see stunning artwork as well as Catholic history in the region
  • Villa Comunale di Salerno is a wonderful place to relax after a long day out on a boat or if you want to take a walk after a big lunch in the city. As the garden used to be the town hall in former times, you can still enjoy the picturesque and interesting sculptures this garden has to offer.
  • Renting a boat in Salerno gives you the opportunity to discover some of the most popular destinations on the Amalfi coast as well as some of the most remote places.
  • Giardino della Minerva is the perfect spot in Salerno to enjoy some stunning nature. Arched trees and various plants make it a wonderful place in the city to catch a deep breath and discover more of Salerno’s rich natural varieties.
  • The Medieval castle Castello di Arechi is not just the perfect destination for a daytrip, but also for anyone who wants to enjoy the view of the Gulf of Salerno.
  • Water sports are a must on your sailing trip in Salerno. Snorkelling and diving can be fun, but windsurfing is definitely something you should try here due to the ideal wind conditions.
  • The Ruins of Paestum are ironically not an Ancient Roman site, but an Ancient Greek one. You can visit this stunning temple in Capaccio, south of Salerno. If you want to find out why an Ancient Greek temple can be found in Southern Italy, you can visit the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum.
  • Arechi Castle is located in Salerno and offers the most stunning view out into the Mediterranean sea and onto the whole city. It was built in the 6th century, but adapted through the centuries.
  • The Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno offers interesting insights into the region’s prehistoric and ancient history. It is not just worth a visit if you are a history nerd.
  • Roaming the Promenade Trieste gives you an opportunity to see the sea while enjoying the little boutiques and cafes that are lined along the street.
  • Pay a visit to the Scuola Medica Salernitana, one of the most important medical schools in Medieval times. You might not become a doctor in a few hours, but you might enjoy the stories and interesting tours.
  • Head out to Tenuta Vannulo for a bit of a different experience. It is a buffalo warm where the famous mozzarella di bufala is produced. The farm offers tours to get a glimpse of what life on the farm looks like and to discover how the famous cheese lands on your plate.
  • Sunbathe on one of the famous beaches that you can easily reach by boat from Salerno. Cala Bianca Beach, Ficocella Beach and Spiaggia Marina di Ascea are just three of the beaches you should visit on your sailing vacation.

Beaches in Salerno

  • Cala Bianca Beach is a stunning beach surrounded by massive rock formations that you can easily reach by boat. You will be surprised with crystal clear water, pebble stones and stunning views. It is not overcrowded like a lot of the other beaches along the Amalfi coast.
  • Baia di Trentova is a beautiful beach south of Salerno with stunning natural beauty surrounding the bay. Unlike Cala Bianca Beach, this is a sandy beach where your feet sink right in to enjoy a hot summer day.
  • Spiaggia del Pozzallo is a beach in Marina di Camerota. Sail even further south of Salerno to reach this hidden gem on the Italian coast. Located in a stunning bay with crystal clear waters you can anchor here safely.
  • Spiaggia del Troncone Fkk is, as the name suggests, a place where nudists can roam around completely naked.

Restaurants in Salerno

Casual dining in Salerno:

  • Trattoria da Sasà - Cucina di mare: As the name suggests you will find delicious mouthwatering seafood here. Discover Italian tradition through food and wine while taking in the amazing atmosphere of this family-run restaurant.
  • Gli Impastati Pasta & Co. is a wonderful little restaurant serving the most delicious pasta dishes. Located right in the heart of the city, you will get to enjoy the meal with the special atmosphere of Salerno.

Beach restaurants in Salerno:

  • Cantalini's Salerno Beach Restaurant has been operating for the past 50 years and is taking you on a culinary journey that will touch all your senses. You will get to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine in this family-run restaurant with pasta recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Bellissimo!
  • La Conchiglia: Enjoy a dinner right next to the beach in this wonderful restaurant. It is not just the excellent fish that encourages the customers to come, it is also the relaxed atmosphere as well as the very attentive staff.

Fine dining in Salerno:

  • Re Mauri is one of Salerno’s Michelin star restaurants. They specialise in Italian cuisine with a special focus on seafood. Taste exquisite and elegantly presented dishes while enjoying the amazing view of the sea. For dessert we would recommend you to try the delicious Crêpes Suzette.
  • Porca Vacca is an excellent Italian steakhouse located in the city of Salerno. The beef tartar and the cheese plate are appetizers that are highly recommended by previous customers. Dig in!

Bars and Clubs in Salerno

Sailing in Salerno means that you shouldn’t miss a night out in one of the city’s fun night clubs or elegant bars. Dress in a chic outfit and conquer Salerno’s nightlife with your friends.

  • Bohème Letterario is a fantastic bar in the old part of Salerno that offers excellent cocktails and high quality service. You can order all the classics or go for a cocktail with a twist.
  • Passo Duomo is a fantastic place to spend your evening in Salerno with a couple of cocktails and to mingle with other people in front of the bar in a nice piazza.
  • Africana Famous Club is a nightclub that might be located in a cave, but has an amazing sea view. Get a tasty drink and dance the night away.

Explore historical Salerno

Explore historical Salerno by stepping foot into the old part of the city. Cattedrale di Santa Maria degli Angeli, San Matteo e San Gregorio VII is one of the most stunning churches in the country. It might look humble from the outside, but as soon as you step foot into the door, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty, the massive amount of gold and breathtaking architecture. If you need a break from all the pump head into the Villa Comunale di Salerno to sit down for an afternoon of reading and snacking on a sandwich you bought in the old town.

The city’s history is said to go way back to the Etruscans. It was part of the Roman empire before it was conquered by invaders from all around Europe. During the Norman conquest Castel Terracena and Duomo di San Matteo were built and can still be visited today. During the Middle Ages Salerno became famous for academic studies, especially the Schola Medica Salernitana which was the first medical school in the world. Many buildings from this era are still standing in the city. Take a long walk and see for yourself.

The strategic location of Salerno made it a very important port in the Middle Ages and is still used today. At first glance the massive port might seem overwhelming, but you will soon find out about the charme of the city.

Discover mystical Salerno

There are two stacks in the Gulf of Salerno which are often referred to as ‘the two brothers’. Legends has it that these two represent two warriors, one from Salerno, one Arabian, who almost killed each other in battle when they realised that they are actually brothers, but grew up apart, because one of them had been kidnapped as a little boy.

Another legend surrounding the two stacks tells the tale of Poseidon, who planted the two stacks there for two shepherds to rescue a girl from the rough sea - a test of bravery and courage.

Whether the legends are true or not, you can still enjoy the view of the two stacks in the sea and watch a magical sunset.

Sailing conditions in Salerno

As Salerno is located on the Mediterranean in the South of Italy, the weather is generally warm and sunny. In the winter months there are quite a few rainy and windy days, making the sea a little bit unpredictable at times, but temperatures are still relatively mild. Summers are generally hot and dry, as is the case for all of Southern Italy. Expect temperatures of more than 30 degrees celsius when coming here in June, July or August.

Strong winds coming from the mountains make Salerno THE perfect sailing destination. If you come to the city to get the full sailing experience, you will not be disappointed. Even in summer, the city is relatively windy.

Want to take a refreshing dip in the water while sailing around the Gulf of Salerno? Expect average temperatures of around 20 degrees when swimming here. In August the sea temperatures reach their peak.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Salerno?

To rent a boat in Salerno, you don’t have to break the bank, but keep in mind that prices can increase during high season. To rent a gulet, you have to pay around 50 EUR per person per day, it will cost an average of 58 EUR per person per day to rent a sailboat and around 40 EUR to rent a RIB per person per day. Renting a speedboat in Italy, will cost an average of 70 EUR per person per day. Renting a catamaran or a motorboat in Italy will be more expensive, but won’t break your bank either. On average it will cost you 150 EUR to rent a motorboat per person per day and 140 EUR to rent a catamaran per person per day. The last two boats might fall more into the category of luxury boats, but will have all the amenities you could ask for on your sailing holiday.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Salerno?

What type of boat you should rent depends on the type of boat holiday you are looking for in Salerno. A sailing adventure will require you to rent a different boat than the one you would rent if you are just keen on discovering the surrounding islands and sail along the Italian coast to discover the best hidden beaches and bays. Also, keep in mind that some boats are better for hosting larger groups of people than others. If you are going on a boat holiday with your family, you might consider a different type of boat than with your friends - a gulet might for example be better suited for a sailing holiday with friends than for families while a catamaran would be the perfect water vessel for families.

Rent a catamaran in Salerno

Pros of renting a catamaran in Salerno

Renting a catamaran in Salerno comes with many advantages - especially if you are looking at discovering its surrounding beaches and natural wonders.

The shallow draft of catamarans allows you to discover those hidden spots you will tell your friends about when coming back from your sailing holiday in Salerno! Anchor close the shore and take a refreshing swim before sunbathing on a wonderful beach. If you want to rent a more luxurious type of boat when sailing around the Gulf of Salerno, a catamaran is the perfect water vessel for you as a lot of them come with many amenities similar to those as a hotel. Consider them a hotel room on water.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Salerno

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran can be the size of the vessel. This means that they can take up more space when mooring at a marina than other boats. This can come with higher prices for mooring compared to other types of boats.

Rent a catamaran in Salerno

Rent a sailboat in Salerno

Pros of renting a sailboat in Salerno

Renting a sailboat in Salerno is the perfect choice for anyone planning an adventure out in the Mediterranean Sea. The winds of the Mediterranean are definitely ideal for any sailing adventure. The fact that you don’t need to account for any extra costs for petrol as your engine is naturally the wind, makes these boats a huge advantage. As the Gulf of Salerno is particularly famous for its strong winds, any sailing lover will enjoy a trip to this part of Italy immensely.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Salerno

Sailboats come with a keel, making them not the ideal water vessels in shallow waters. If you want to anchor closer to the shore when discovering hidden bays and beaches, they might not be the ideal vehicle.

Rent a sailboat in Salerno

Rent a motorboat in Salerno

Pros of renting a motorboat in Salerno

Renting a motorboat in Salerno is more expensive than other types of boats, but they are more luxurious as well. Due to the speed of a motorboat, you will get to see a lot of the remote beaches and bays around Salerno and the Amalfi coast. You get the best of both worlds: The comfort of a hotel room on board a boat and the flexibility of sailing whenever and wherever you want.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Salerno

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in Salerno are the high prices for fuel. Speed comes at a cost and trying to see everything in just a few hours each day means that you have to expect an additional bill of high costs for fuel. Unfortunately, the willingness to see everything as fast as possible comes with a juicy price tag.

Rent a motorboat in Salerno

Charter a luxury yacht in Salerno

Charter a luxury yacht in Salerno if you want to experience a high level sailing holiday with all kinds of amenities you could dream of. Some people might not want to sail around as much as others and simply want to enjoy the sunny summer days on a boat without doing anything.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Salerno?

You do need a boat licence when renting a yacht in Salerno. If you are a EU-resident, your boat licence is automatically recognized in Italy. Non-EU residents should get an International Certificate of Competency or short ICC to prove their qualifications of operating a water vehicle. Additionally, you have to present a CV that outlines all of your previous nautical endeavours.

You are not in possession of a valid and recognized boat licence? You simply want to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about maneuvering a boat? Hire a skipper for your sailing vacation in Salerno. Booking a skipper together with your boat rental also comes with the advantage of simply being able to enjoy your boat vacation.

Sailing routes in Salerno

Setting sail in Salerno for your vacation is the perfect location as you can easily sail to the glitzy Amalfi coast or sail further South to some beautiful remote beaches.

Sail around the Amalfi coast:

  • Day 1: Not too far from Salerno lies Amalfi, one of the most stunning towns in all of Italy. Cute boutiques, fresh seafood and beautiful beaches await you here. Go for an evening walk to enjoy live music and a typical summer vacation in Italy that you just want to store in a marmalade glass to take it out whenever you miss summer on a winter day.
  • Day 2: Visit Positano, an equally beautiful town on the Amalfi coast. Friendly locals are just waiting to show you their handmade goods and delicious seafood dishes. If you want to leave your boat for a bit, you can head out into the wild and discover stunning nature.
  • Day 3: Sail to the Grotta d'o pertuso (grotta del buco), a stunning cave that you can only discover by boat. Afterwards, head to Marina del Cantone for a fresh bite to eat before heading to Baia di Ieranto, a secluded bay where you can anchor for the night.
  • Day 4: Visit the island of Capri, where you can explore Grotta Bianca and the Arco Naturale before choosing one of the many beaches to sunbathe all day long.
  • Day 5: Head back to the Italian mainland and visit Bagni Regina Giovanna, an incredible destination with special natural rock formations and spectacular views. Continue to sail alongside the Italian coast until you reach the beautiful town of Sorrento where you moor in the marina and go out for the day to explore this little charming town.
  • Day 6: Time to head back into the direction of Salerno. Your path takes you all the way alongside the Italian coast where you can stop in one of the many grottos and caves like Grotta dello Smeraldo.
  • Day 7: Time to go back to Salerno. Take this opportunity to discover the magical old town of Salerno and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the plenty Italian restaurants.