Yacht Hire in Italy - Boat Charter

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  • What boats can you rent in Italy?
    When you think of Italy, you probably imagine romance, great food, and lots of things to see and do. Taking a boating holiday in Italy is one of the best ways to see the country in all its grandeur. Shaped like a boot, Italy is surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea, the Med and the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are many different kinds of boats you can rent if your destination is Italy. Choose from: catamarans speed boats sailing boats yachts If you opt for a catamaran, you'll have the holiday of a lifetime. A boat with two hulls, you'll find grand sails, fantastic deck areas, wonderful accommodation, and comfortable living spaces. Speed boats on the other hand are purely for enjoying a ride on the waves. A speed boat as the name suggests is a boat that gathers up speed on the ocean for a thrilling trip. Sailing boats and yachts are leisure crafts that use billowing sails as a means of crossing the water. Powered either by the wind or an engine, these types of boats are mainly used for cruising and enjoying life at sea. Boats of all different sizes are available to rent in Italy, either with or without a skipper. There are also shuttle and transfer services available to make your trip run smoothly.
  • Do you need a licence to rent a boat in Italy?
    If you plan on renting a boat to sail in Italy you won't necessarily need a licence if you're not actually sailing it yourself. The easiest way around this is to rent a boat with a captain, who will have a licence. Should you wish to rent a boat in Italy without a captain, either you or one of your guests must have the appropriate licence. As you won't be hiring any crew to come with you, this option means you will: have to cook meals keep the boat clean and tidy adhere to all the safety regulations when sailing If you already have a licence to sail a boat, this will be accepted if it's the same as the local licence required wherever you sail to. You could also get an International Certificate of Competence as well as your boat licence, which is accepted in most countries. The type of boats you can rent which do not require you to have a sailing licence are: large motorboats catamarans sailboats All in all there are only two options when you decide to rent a boat in Italy. Either go it alone as long as you have the right kind of sailing licence, or rent a boat with a captain and crew.